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10 Tips You Should Read Before Automating Your Testing Work


10 Tips You Should Read Before Automating Your Testing Work

A complete software development cycle is not completed until and unless it is tested by skilled QA analysts and Software Testers. Advanced Software testing classes in Pune like Cyber Success are inculcating Test automation courses for their trainees to be updated with what industrial value of testing is in the market. You are here it means you are new to test automation, so if you haven’t started yet, try to get the gist of it or join a good Software testing course in Pune or from wherever you are which has test automation tools training like Selenium training classes as well.

Here are few influential tips, provided by industry experts and educators from best Software testing Classes in Pune and across the globe, which you should go through before trying to automate your testing:

  1. Check if automation is applicable: Automation is basically writing test scripts and/or using automation tools to remove the regressive testing work from your whole process. Generally, automation is used so that after first iteration of bug fixing, you don’t have to redo all the tasks you did every iteration.
  2. Automation of tests which are utilized only once or twice: Program areas in the software along with instances which are to be run post testing must not be included in the regression. Since maintaining the script cost is high, prevent the automation of test cases which only run once.
  3. Check if your application is steady fast to handle automation: DevOps and agile testing has raised the bar of automation. It was advisable to run several (at least 2) iterations of testing before automation. If you’re just starting with it, use scripts after the initial run through of the application. Do not automate testing of unstable functionality or features of your software.
  4. Check resources: If you’re a corporate, check whether your employees are skilled enough to write test scriptsand use the tools properly. And same goes for an individual, analyze the tool you are using properly before even thinking to automate your testing work.
  5. How much automation do you think you can do?: Well. Almost all UI, installation, compatibility and many more tasks are either can’t be automated or isn’t advisable if they are not fixed. So analyze the whole testing process first manually after which you can deploy a test script for further fixes.
  6. Cost of Automation: Initial cost of test automation is pretty huge. So, if you have a set of similar projects with applications related to one another, then automation cost is less than the manual testers salary, else both are almost same. Don’t choose automation just for the sake of looking more technical to your client, he won’t care as long as he is satisfied with your developed software.
  7. Lifetime of your automation suite: Picking from the last point, the whole setup is costly and hence it should have enough lifetime to consolidate the cost of manual testing along with giving you profit. Since tools like Selenium provide freedom to choose from various languages to write your test script, choose properly and use small functions.
  8. Check certainty of your script or tool: Try repeating the same test again and again on the same software to check the accuracy and precision of your automated test case. Same test giving different results is not suitable for deployment.
  9. Feedback: The ultimate goal of test automation is to get feedback from the test script. As said earlier, try limiting the automation under the API layer since GUI test automation is slow and often leads to errors prone to changes.
  10. Exploratory test indeed: Even after automation is done, and eve if the results are looking accurate, don’t rely solely on them. Try various methods of manual and exploratory testing to check whether the automation testing was actually successful or not.

So the baseline is that you must take manual testing and test automation hand in hand because both have their specific usages. Don’t expect too much from your automation test. Also, make sure that your test fails when software is changed or failure case is applied in your script or AUT. Keep your codes as simple as possible and give yourself room to learn from your mistakes. Ask advice from test automation and automated QA experts. If you are trying to figure out a career in testing industry, you are welcome to join the emerging Software testing training institute in Pune, Cyber Success and it’s a quest to create a team of elite software testers specialized in automation tools like Selenium.

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