Android has become today’s most popular mobile operating system. As it is open source technology, it is highly used in smart-phones and tablet computers by the device manufactures. Thus, there is a huge demand for Android programmers.  Android gives you everything you need to build best-in-class app experiences. It gives you a single application model that lets you deploy your apps broadly to hundreds of millions of users across a wide range of devices—from phones to tablets and beyond.

Android also gives you tools for creating apps that look great and take advantage of the hardware capabilities available on each device. It automatically adapts your UI to look its best on each device, while giving you as much control as you want over your UI on different device types. The Android open-source software stack consists of Java applications running on a Java-based, object-oriented application framework on top of Java core libraries running on a Dalvik virtual machine featuring JIT compilation.

The Android OS is an open-source platform based on the Linux kernel and multiple open-source libraries. In this way developers are free to contribute or extend the platform as necessary for building mobile apps which run on Android devices.Google’s mobile operating device, the android is its awesome creation in the definitive creation of Software Applications for the mobile phone arena it also facilitates the g-juice in your mobile thus initiating a whole new world of Mobile Technology experience by its customers.

Android is well optimized to develop social apps and this segment is really growing. Most apps developers are going social, and are trying their best to maximize their potential by earning top revenue. Hence, due to its ability to better integrate with a wide range of social networks, it is more preferred amongst developers and business owners who want to go social.

Android is made to be more compatible with devices that are provided by different manufacturers around the globe. These developers include a wide range of advanced features into the device, which can then be effectively utilized by developers worldwide. These features are comparable to those available with the expensive models and high-end phones, and are also easy to fit into your budget.

Android Market place (Google Play store) has very few restrictions on the content or functionality of an android app. So the developer can distribute theirs app through Google Play store and as well other distribution channels

Why Cyber Success?

  • Cyber Success imparts Real-Time and Job Oriented Training in Android Development.
  • Android Development course has been designed keeping in mind current market trends to empower students with technical skills.
  • Our Trainers are experienced working professionals with hands on real time Multiple Software Projects.
  • Cyber Success is highly preferred by corporate’s across Pune and is a source of skilled candidates.
  • Dedicated Placement Cell with target of 100% Guaranteed Interview Calls.
  • Personalized attention on every student.

Key Features

      • Hands on Android App Components, Activity & intents
      • Indepth Training on Layouts, Widgets,Event Handling & Fragments.
      • Training involves Actionbar/Toolbar, Dialogs & Android Resources.
      • Implementation on Rest API/Webservices/Data Storage/Brodcast Receivers
      • In-depth Exposure to Content Provider/Social Media Integration/Google API Integration
      • Grooming sessions for Technical Mock Interviews & Grooming sessions

Course Content

Java for Android
      • Class, Method, Variable, Constructor, Interface
      • OOPs concepts –
      • Inheritance
      • Encapsulation
      • Polymorphism
      • Aggregation
      • Cloning
      • String Handling
      • Exception Handling
      • Collections
      • Multithreading
      • Database JDBC
Android Overview
  • Introduction to Android
  • History of Android
  • Android architecture
  • Android versions
  • Android Studio, SDK installation and introduction
  • First App – Hello World!
  • Android Project Structure
App Components
  • App Components
  • Manifest
Activity and Intents
  • Activity
  • Activity Lifecycle
  • Kill Activity
  • Intent
  • Explicit and Implicit Intents
  • Opening another Activity
  • Passing data, parcels between activities
  • startActivityForResulto
  • Saving and restoring activity state
  • Activity, App context
  • View, and ViewGroup
  • Padding vs Margin
  • Linear Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • WebView
  • Lists, Grid, Spinner
  • ListView
  • Array Adapter
  • Base Adapter
  • GridView
  • Spinner
  • Custom Spinne
Widgets, Event handling
  • Button
  • Click Listener, View binding
  • Edit Text, TextView
  • ImageView
  • Checkbox, Radio button
  • Progressbar
  • Toast, Snackbar
  • ToggleButton
  • Introduction to Fragments
  • Fragments Lifecycle
  • Fragment Manager
  • Adding fragment to Activity
  • Opening another Fragment
  • Passing data to other fragment
  • ViewPager
ActionBar / Toolbar
  • Introduction to Toolbar
  • Options Menu, Context Menu
  • Adding Up Button
  • Add / change Toolbar Title
  • System Permissions
  • Using Permissions
  • Permission Groups
  • Runtime Permissions
  • DatePicker, TimePicker
  • Progress Dialog
  • Fragment Dialogs
  • Custom Dialogs
Android Resources
  • Strings, and Arrays Resources
  • Styles, and Themes
  • Drawables
  • Layouts
  • 9 Patch Images
Background Processing
  • Ul Thread
  • App Not Responding (ANR)
  • AsyncTask
REST API / Web Services
  • Introduction to REST API
  • Introduction to JSON
  • JSON Validation, Parsing
Data Storage
  • Shared Preferences
  • File Storage
    • Internal Storage
    • External Storage
  • SQLite
  • Introduction to SQLite
  • Using SQLiteOpenHelper
  • Cursors
Broadcast Receivers
  • Introduction to Broadcast Receivers
  • Registering receiver in manifest
  • Adding Broadcast Receiver Dynamically
  • Using sendBroadcast() for custom Broadcasting
  • Local Broadcasting
Content Provider
  • Introduction to Content Provider
  • Using Content Provider
Social Media Integration
  • Facebook developer key generation
  • Changing Facebook settings
  • Facebook login
Google Maps Integration
  • Generating key for Google Maps
  • Adding Google Map to App
  • Placing Markers on Map
Publishing App on Store
  • Key store
  • Signing App with key store
  • Uploading app to Play store
Professional Tools
  • GitHub
  • Stack Overflow
  • Postman
  • Third party API integration
  • Common Design Patterns
  • Android Libraries
  • Problem solving techniques



  • Working professional in MNC having  4+years of experience.
  • Extensively followed Agile methodology and Scrum process for software development
  • Experience in developing applications using X-Code, web services, Android UI design, MVVM, Web Api, iOS and various android application
pritam Kilor
a year agoI have completed M.E in CSE and completed java and android certification and was looking for job ,but i did not get any calls for interview. then i visited CYBER SUCCESS institute , its really good institute that i have ever had visited. i got placed in ITG software as an android developer. my heartly thanks to Cyber Success team.
Vijay Chavan
I joined cyber Success July,2017.On 29th Sept,2017 I got placed in Savy Software as a ETL Developer.All credit Goes to Ritesh sir,Vishal sir,Onkar sir,Madhavi mam,Ranjit sir and Deepak sir and all cyber Success staff.All the concepts taken here are from placement point of view and as it helped me to get placed within a 3 months.I would really suggest my friends to join Cyber Success who are looking out for a job.I am very sure each and every one would get placed if they worked hard.
Atul Swami
a month agoI visited this institute for my sister's enrollment. The staff was very cooperative and supportive. This is one of the best institute in pune for IT training. I would recommend this institute to anyone who is looking for a good training institute in pune for IT training.



Almost all the big corporations need android developer. You can be hired at entry/mid-level which depends upon your experience and the training. You can start your career as android developer.

All Trainers conducting courses are certified working professionals with multiple years of experience in IT industry as well as have flair of training. Trainers have extensive experience in training candidates.

All the classes are live and interactive sessions wherein you can ask questions/ queries/doubts.  We encourage students to participate in discussion.

Surely, you can attend demo session that would give you a clear insight about how are the classes conducted, what is the level of interaction in the session, do you find subject interesting? Demo session defiantly helps you in taking decision.

We can arrange back-up classes so even if you miss a class, you won’t miss the training.

Candidates undergone or attending training courses at cyber success are only eligible for placements.

You will receive unlimited interview calls for fresher’s/experienced job profile. We can help you for job change later also in your career.

You can complete the course by attending weekend sessions anytime during 1 year of period from the commencement.

The fees and duration vary from course to course and modules you choose for training. For more details on duration of courses, fee structure and payment methods please contact us.

Yes, the fee can be paid in two equal and easy instalments.

Cyber Success also equips you with the training on Agile methodologies followed in industry to manage project. Trainer will also share you interview questions & soft skills along with exposure to real time project management tools. There will be also Mock interviews for every students periodically to boost self-confidence. This is to groom students’ overall personality make them industry ready.

Yes, after successful completion of the course you will be handed with your certificate, irrespective of you being placed or not.

Cyber Success has specially designed courses keeping in mind the current industry trends. Students can take admission to such combo courses instead of get trained in only one technology/language. For example, student can take admission to AngulrJS + PHP+ SQL or Angualr JS+ Dot Net +MVC or Testing+JAVA/J2EE+Android or Testing+DotNET+AngularJS. For more details on course contents, duration, fees and guidance please contact us.

Lab exercises are important part of training courses. Apart from lab exercises we will be having real time projects for in depth training.

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  • Vinayak Singh
    When i joined CyberSuccess I was not expecting I will get placed on the FIRST call. But with the help of Cyber Success Team, their dedication, and continuous pushing effort that I can do my BEST, make me feel Yes I can. I got placed in FIGMD. Thanks to [ --> Ritesh Sir, Vishal Sir, Onkar Sir, Ranjit Sir, Madhavi Mam, Angita Mam, Anoop Sir <--] ( These all my MENTORS). I have learnt a lot from them. And Yes from all my friends who have always motivated me to give my BEST.
    Vinayak Singh
  • Rajshri Tormad
    I had very Good experience with Cyber Success. As a institute for Software Testing its excellent and only one in its own class.The atmosphere here at Cyber Success is very helpful and friendly. They give really genuine and number of calls for placements.
    Rajshri Tormad
  • Nitin Tajane
    Hello friendsIn cyber success all the trainers are having best knowledge of their own field and also cyber success provide many interview opportunities as per the students criteria for both fresher and experience. I am happy to connect with cyber success. I suggest you if you want make career in Software Testing then You must join Cyber Success.
    Nitin Tajane
  • rutuja sonawane
    Recently I got placed in FIGmd India pvt limited through cyber success . Cyber success is one of the best institute which provides software testing and other courses . Cyber Success provides you placement calls till you get the job. I thought, i am so lucky I found Cyber Success as training institute. so if you want good knowledge and good job then join Cyber Success
    rutuja sonawane
  • harshal hadole
    Cyber success is a best Institute for grow your knowledge. All teaching staff are very good knowledge about their respective fields.. And HR team also provide good guidelines for interview process.. If u really want to do your carrier in Testing join cyber success.
    harshal hadole
  • Pratik Sonare
    Good training institute. It has helped me to grow and develop my skills. best teaching staff specially Ritesh sir ! the way he gives training's is unbeatable, any person even a non technical person will be able to understand. He starts from basics and goes deep in subject, let it be, manual testing or java.
    Pratik Sonare
  • Rasika Tanpure
    Recently I got placed in FIGmd India pvt limited through cyber success . Cyber success is one of the best institute which provides software testing and other courses . The atmosphere at cyber success is very friendly and helpful.They gives you placement calls until you got the I recommend you to every one who wants good knowledge and good company, join this institute.
    Rasika Tanpure
  • Unmesha bhapkar
    Hello, I got placed in JetSynthesis. I had completed my Selenium certification from Cyber Success. Study environment is very good available here. Do attend all MOCK interview sessions,grooming sessions , I was looking for job in Software Testing. Here I learned how to write good effective resume for Software Tester.
    Unmesha bhapkar
  • chaitanya kulkarni
    Hello, I joined this institute and was placed in top MNC in Pune with a good starting package. Training team will make you technically strong and Recruitment team will give you ample number of calls. I got my first career break through this institute within couple of months. I joined this institute as a fresher so I would suggest each and every one to join same if you want a big break in career.
    chaitanya kulkarni
  • Ankita Pasalkar
    Recently , i got placed in FigMd India pvt Ltd.through "CYBER SUCCESS" CYBER SUCCESS is one of the best institute .All teaching staff have very good knowledge about their respective field.If you are looking right path and correct guidance then cyber success is best place for you.Recruitement team also best and helpful.I would recommend this institute to anyone who is looking for good training institute in pune for IT training.
    Ankita Pasalkar
  • Alok Bhaware
    Cyber success is one of the institute which provides professional knowledge on software testing and also on other courses. This institute pay personal attention on each and every students. All trainer is best knowledge.
    Alok Bhaware
  • Atul Swami
    I visited this institute for my sister's enrollment. The staff was very cooperative and supportive. This is one of the best institute in pune for IT training. I would recommend this institute to anyone who is looking for a good training institute in pune for IT training.
    Atul Swami
  • pooja bhusagare
    Hello..I am Pooja Bhusagare..I have completed B.E (comp)..then I visited Cyber Success...Join the Course and I got placed in ApMoSys... really it is very good institute for gaining knowledge...and recruitment team supports very well...if u want to do career in Testing as well as in DevelopmentĀ  then join Cyber Success..Thanks to Ritesh sir,Angita mam,Ranjit sir,Deepak sir,Vishal sir,Madhavi mam. Thank you All.
    pooja bhusagare
  • Sonali Kharate
    Hi I am Sonali Kharate .......Cyber success is the best Institute for Testing as well as development course.All teaching staff are very good knowledge about their respective fields.. And HR team also provide good guidelines for interview process.. If u really want to do your career in Testing/Development join cyber success.
    Sonali Kharate