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How to become a better Java developer in IT?

How to become a better Java developer?

How to become a better Java developer in IT?

“Practice makes the man perfect”, this universal fact applies to everything you do. So being a ‘better’ Java developer must not have much of a difference. However, what I think important is to make sure you “practice what is perfect for you”. Whether your train yourself from a Java training institute in Pune or you’re an experienced Java developer, everyone wants to keep getting better and better with what they are doing in life. Many educators at Java classes in Pune ask the very first question, Why you want to become a Java developer. Figuring out this answer is the challenge before you find a Java training in Pune with placement and join it.

Well, before jumping on the different aspects of evolving into a better Java developer, make sure when you say ‘better’, it means you become a better version of yourself and not with your team-mate. Because eventually things will turn into your favours if you work hard on the following characteristics of a Java developer:


The technical aspect

– The basics- Continue refreshing your memory with basics of Java and it’s characteristics like encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction etc as an OOP language. Many times, all you have to use the basics of Java along with an algorithm to successfully implement various complex projects.

– Update the developer in you with each updates in Java: Java being an old but mature and versatile language has never stopped improving itself. Developers at Oracle systems have been successful in continuously bringing in new versions of Java with developer friendly features, making it easy for developers to work on a project. Although Java 12 has been launched recently, the industry is still using Java 8 as it is a stable version. Learning Java 8 will be best at this time, while the later versions are still under process and can be learnt easily once Java 8 is mastered.

-Learn Java Frameworks: Learning various frameworks like Spring, Grails, Google Web toolkit for web application development and other tools and operations like Unit testing and Selenium, if you want to become a developer cum tester which is indeed a sign of a professional developer. Writing unit tests and knowing about testing adds onto your skills as a developer.

-Get deeper into Java: If you ask me, getting the deeper knowledge of JVM like it’s various segments and their working, JVT, JVM options etc will help you understand the language even better. Java being matured, has gone through various implementations leading to uncountable libraries and knowledge regarding the libraries within your area of interests will do the work. Java is now competing python as an AI oriented language as well, with its various tools making implementation of algorithms easy. Getting related to Java APIs like JSON and GSON adds on to your knowledge regarding the subject.

– Learn JVM Languages like Kotlin, Groovy and Scala and microservices like Spring cloud; try implementing projects using them which will improve your worldwide presence as a core and well-understood Java developer. Get into deeper understanding of the IDE like the debugging tools in Eclipse or NetBeans or whatever IDE you are using to develop a project or a software. Never stop coding. Check out the latest developments, try out the new features Java is providing. Never stop growing. And never get too busy in what you have now, forgetting about how you can improve.


The interpersonal aspect

With emergence of concepts like Agile and DevOps, industries are seeking individuals with versatile skills, scoring an interviewee or an applicant based on their communication and interpersonal skills. Join the online Java community and spread your network. Learn from what others in your field of work are doing. Subscribe various forums to get updated with latest developments being made using Java as its constituent. Adding DevOps tools in your resume will groom you while increasing your chances of cracking an interview or impressing a client as a freelancer.

Well, to conclude, you can score yourself on the basis of above suggested steps and characteristics to become a better Java developer. Mastering such a diverse language is very tough, so you better focus on the application side of Java, where you actually want to work. There are no limitations to what you can do with Java and other such languages. Learning everything is impossible, so you can set boundaries and levels on each steps till where you want to go. Never stop learning. Cyber Success, being a premium Java classes in Pune is on a spree to provide society with Java developers capable of working in the Agile environment learning from experience on live projects and insights from industrialists having expertise in Java. We believe in “learning for a better a future.”

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