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We are aware of the challenges of getting a job.

We are aware of the challenges of getting a job. So, Cyber Success offers 100% placement assistance wherein we guide students with resume preparation and interview questions to survive in this cut- throat competition.

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When it comes to Full Stack Testing, adapting to agile product development processes is imperative. It helps in fast delivery because a Full-Stack QA engineer is a part of the project right from scratch. This shows how important this medium is and why Full Stack training institutes are paving the way in this market.

The Full Stack Training Program designed by Cyber Success is comprehensive and exclusive. It covers all the basic and advanced concepts like Manual Testing-Agile, Advanced Selenium, Database Testing, etc. It aims in turning students into a maestro in Testing so that they can enjoy a more productive life.

Who Should Attend

  • Students or freshers who wish to pursue a career in Testing
  • Manual testers who wish to shift into Automation testing
  • Aspirants who have basic knowledge but want to upgrade themselves
  • Anyone who is already working in the tech-adjacent role

Cyber Success Edge

Live Classroom

Cyber Success pledges for the overall development of the students. The instructors undertake seamless communication with the students to cater to every doubt. Group discussions are knowledge sharing

Mentored By Industry

The industry leader who conducts classes flaunts vast knowledge and expertise in the Software industry. Every query of the student is contemplated for absolute clarity of the subject matter.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum of Software Testing classes at Cyber Success is curated by industry experts. The team is well-aware of the industry trends and has included a syllabus that complements the competitive market.

Advance From the Basics

Cyber Success believes in a step-by-step learning process which is why we start with the basics first. Once your basic knowledge is strong enough, then we move ahead.

100% Placement

We are aware of the challenges of getting a job. So, Cyber Success offers 100% placement assistance wherein we guide students with resume preparation and interview questions to survive in this cut- throat

Practical Learning

Cyber Success acknowledges that practical knowledge is imperative to succeed in the relentless market. That’s why we include live projects with which the students get a hang of the corporate .

Why Full Stack Testing training in Pune?

Times are changing day-by-day with more challenges coming our way. Therefore, industries are hunting for multifaceted professionals who will accelerate the development process as well as cut down the cost. Besides, they do not want to invest in training, which is why they wish for candidates with advanced knowledge. In such scenarios, a Full Stack Testing course in Pune comes in handy, specially designed by experts from the industry.

That’s when Cyber Success steps in to provide Full Stack Testing classes for making aspirants job-ready, productive, and enduring testing professionals. Full Stack Testers can speedily provide the information of the software by automating the testing activities at each layer. With proper training and resources, they become adaptive, active, and approachable team members. Moreover, Cyber Success enlightens students about the latest trends of the industry to avoid rejection from companies during interviews.

Syllabus Full Stack Testing

  • SDLC
  • Unit Testing Techniques
  • Real Time Live Project
  • Testing Techniques
  • Module Distribution
  • Testers Life Cycle
  • Client Server Testing
  • Build & Release
  • Test Data Management
  • More Testing Techniques …….
  • Test Cases
  • Test Case Design Techniques
  • Traceability Matrix (RTM/FTM
  • STLC
  • Regression / Retesting
  • Defect Life Cycle / Defect Tracking
  • Test Plan
  • more ……..

  • Introduction
    • Basics of Java
    • Downloading & Installation of Java
    • Phases of Java Program
    • Downloading Editor
    • Sample Java Application
  • Operators & Flow Control
    • if, if-else, else-if, switch, for
    • while, do-while
    • More Examples
  • Java Classes
    • Variables
    • Methods
    • Constructors
    • Instance & Static blocks
  • Arrays
    • Declaration / Implementation of Arrays.
    • Storage of Primitive & Object type
  • OOPS
    • Class / Objects
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstraction
    • Encapsulation
  • Packages
    • Pre-Defined & User Defined
    • Package & Import
    • Package Implementation
  • Modifiers
    • Access Modifiers
    • Other Modifiers
  • Interface
    • Marker Interfaces
    • Adapter Classes
    • Examples on Interfaces
  • Strings
    • String classes
    • String Buffer
    • String Builder
    • String Tokenizer
  • Wrapper Classes
    • Datatypes & Wrapper Classes
    • Types of Wrapper Classes
    • Boxing & Autoboxing
  • Nested / Inner Classes
    • Need for Inner classes
    •  Normal, Method Local
    • Static, Anonymous
  • Exception Handling
    • Exception & Exception Handling
    • Types of Exception
    • Exception Vs Error
    • Try-Catch, Finally, Throws, Throw
  • Java IO
    • Byte & Character Oriented Streams
    • Reading & Writing Operations
    • Buffered Reader & Writer *
    • Serialization & Deserialization *
  • Collection Framework
    • Arrays Vs Collections
    • Normal Collections & Generics
    • List, Sets, Maps
    • Cursors
    • Characteristics of each Collections
    • Comparable & Comparator
    • Sorting mechanism of Collection Objects
  • Multithreading
    • Thread Info
    • Single / Multithreaded model
    • Life Cycle of Threads *
    • Creation of User threads
    • Thread naming / priority
    • Hook / Daemon threads
  • more ……..

  • Selenium WebDriver 3.X
    • Installation / Configuration of Selenium WebDriver
    • Locators / Web Elements
    • Handling Keyboard, Mouse Movements
    • Perform Drag & Drop, Right click, context menu
    • Ajax & Auto Suggestions
    • Frames, Windows, JavaScript Executor
    • Handling Pop Ups and multiple windows
    • Browser Options
    • Screen Shot / File Upload & Download
    • Http components
    • AutoIT / Sikuli tools
    • Robot classes
  • TestNG
    • Configuring & Downloading TestNG
    • Test & Annotations
    • Data Providers
    • Assertions
    • Listeners
  • POI Excel Automation / Properties Files
  • Ant / Maven
  • Jenkins
  • Git / Git Hub
  • Extent Reports
  • POM/PF (Hybrid Framework)
  • more …………

  • Datatypes, Operators, Clauses & Select Statements
  • SQL Functions
  • Sub Query / Co-related Sub Query
  • Joins
  • Views, Indexes
  • Triggers / Stored Procedures
  • more ……….

  • Live Project
  • Workflow & Approach
  • Test Management Tool / Defect Tracking Tool
  • Challenges faced by Testers between 1-5 years
  • Real time Implementation of Testing challenges
  • Approach Taken by Professional Testers to Test Applications
  • Resume Sessions.
  • more ……….

  • What is Agile ?
  • Scrum Vs XP
  • Traditional Approach & Agile Approach
  • Roles – Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team
  • Product Backlog / Sprint Planning / Sprints / Scrum Meetings
  • Release BackLogs / Retrospect
  • Burndown chart / Velocity
  • more ………

  • Architecture of Web Applications
  • Sessions & Cookies
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Cross Site Request Forgery
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference
  • more ………..

Frequently Asked Questions

It is advisable to know basic programming language or C language.

Yes sure. We have special weekend batches for working professionals.

Once you enroll in our Full Stack training institute in Pune, we provide all types of resources that are beneficial for your budding future.

The trainers of Full Stack Testing are the best industry leaders who have expansive knowledge about the market. They are Full Stack Testing certified and are working with some of the reputed MNCs in Pune.

We accept most of the payment modes like online banking, UPI, bank transfer, etc. For more information, please contact us.

Gone are the days when programming was considered more important than testing. Today, testing requires quality employees and tools, which is why industries are hunting for the best talent. It justifies the importance of pursuing this course.

Yes, we offer 100% placement assistance to all students. We conduct aptitude tests, mock interviews, help design resumes, and schedule their interviews.

Yes, we do have group discounts. Feel free to contact us, and we will enrich you with more information.

Yes, absolutely! We want you to be completely sure before taking up this course.

Once you become a working professional then you can attend weekend sessions anytime during one year from the period of commencement.

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