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Course covers Python prgramming, Data Science packages Numpy, Pandas, sklearn, scipy, matplotlib

We are aware of the challenges of getting a job. So, Cyber Success offers 100% placement assistance wherein we guide students with resume preparation and interview questions to survive in this cut- throat competition.

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Are you looking forward to a career in programming and wondering how to have a flying start? Then it would be best if you thought of Python classes in Pune. An open-source programming language, Python is considered one of the simplest languages with a simple syntax. Not just this, but Python boasts versatility, due to which it can be used for an array of tasks and industries.

However, learning any technology can be challenging. Therefore, to cater to this scepticism, Cyber Success has developed a dedicated course wherein all your fundamentals will be clear. At the same time, you will also learn about other aspects, like data structures, modules, Data Science, and much more.

What Is Python?

Created by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991, Python has gained widespread popularity due to its versatility and ease of use. Python is a general-purpose language that is pivotal in building various programs, websites and even software.

Besides, it is also an interpreted language with which it does not need to be compiled before execution. Alongside this, the Python interpreter reads and executes the code line by line.

Most importantly, Python boasts a comprehensive standard library equipped with a wide range of functions and modules for common tasks. It doesn’t end here, as you’ll learn more about Python after joining the Python classes in Pune.

Who Should Attend

  • Software engineers who want to make a mark in Web Development Technologies.
  • Professionals who wish to expand their Python knowledge.
  • Web developers, Programmers, or even Data Scientists.
  • Graduates, post-graduates, freshers, Software Testers, or students from Engineering backgrounds.

What are Python Features?

What are the Job Opportunities after completing python classes in pune?

Pune is India’s most renowned IT hub, hence offering many job opportunities for aspirants. However, after completing Python classes in Pune, you can grab job opportunities in the field of Data Science, Software Development, Web Development, and much more. However, some of the prominent roles are –

Python Developer: As a Python developer, you will be responsible for designing and developing applications, integrating writing server-side logic, developing web applications, implementing data algorithms, and much more.

Software Engineer: In this job role, you will be responsible for working on various projects and integrating Python with other technologies.

Data Scientist/Analyst: With the job role of Data Scientist, you get a chance to work on raw data, undertake data analysis, and impart valuable insights.

Web Developer: With this job profile, you will get an opportunity to use frameworks like Django to build dynamic and responsive web applications, write and test code, debug, undertake the integration of applications, and much more.

Cyber Success Edge

Live Classroom

Cyber Success pledges for the overall development of the students. The instructors undertake seamless communication with the students to cater to every doubt.

Mentored By Industry

The industry leader who conducts classes flaunts vast knowledge and expertise in the Software industry. Every query of the student is contemplated for absolute clarity of the subject matter.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum of Software Testing classes at Cyber Success is curated by industry experts. The team is attuned to industry trends and has designed a syllabus tailored to competitive market.

Advance From the Basics

Cyber Success believes in a step-by-step learning process which is why we start with the basics first. Once your basic knowledge is strong enough, then we move ahead to the advanced level.

100% Placement

Cyber Success ensures 100% placement assistance by providing resume preparation and interview guidance for students to excel in competitive scenarios.

Practical Learning

Cyber Success acknowledges that practical knowledge is imperative to succeed in the relentless market. That’s why we include live projects with which the students get a hang of the corporate.

Why Should You Opt for Python Certification?

A Python certification proves that you have improved your knowledge and have evidence of your expertise. But there are more reasons to have it –

  • Organizations that work with data usually go for candidates that have Python certification. With this, it will be a stepping stone for you to enter the world of Data Science.
  • Python is user-friendly, which is why websites like Google and YouTube are developed using Python. Therefore, you need a certification to prove your mettle to crack job opportunities in such prestigious companies.
  • There will be a great opportunity to earn remuneration that would be best in the industry.
  • Python certifications have visibility and recognition on a global level. Therefore, with this certificate, you can opt for international jobs.

Thus, with proper guidance at Python classes in Pune, you will be able to prep for the global certification and gain validation.

What Proficiency Will You Showcase After Python Training in Pune?

Once you master Python, the sky is the limit because you will be able to master various aspects too –

  • You will master the skill of developing web applications successfully because you will know multiple frameworks.
  • You will excel in Python coding, gaining knowledge of various syntaxes, variables, object-oriented concepts, etc.
  • Game Development will become a cakewalk after Python classes in Pune.
  • You will gain proficiency in handling built-in modules and external libraries like Pandas, NumPy, etc.
  • Creating scripts with automation processes and streamlining workflow will be as simple as ever!
  • You will gain the upper hand in solving most complex problems efficiently and get the hang of file handling.

Why Cyber Success for Python Training in Pune?

Having bookish knowledge is not enough. If you genuinely wish to gain expertise in Python, practical knowledge is requisite with which you can easily tackle industry challenges. With the same motto, Cyber Success provides hands-on training to students, due to which they are equipped with industry expertise.

Here, students are moulded in a way that they excel in every walk of life. Besides, Cyber Success provides 100% placement assistance and live projects, and the students are trained under the guidance of industry experts.

The army back at Cyber Success is so knowledgeable that they counsel students with options best suited for their careers. Above all, Cyber Success helps students prep for global certification, with which their careers can skyrocket to new heights.

Key Features

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advance

We are providing Training to the needs from Beginners level to Experts level.

Course Duration

90 Hours

Course will be 90 hrs to 110 hrs duration with real-time projects and covers both teaching and practical.

Total Learners

2000+ Learners

We have already finished 100+ Batches with 100% course completion record.

Assignments Duration

50 Hours

Trainers will provide you the assignments according to your skill sets and needs.

Trainer Profile of Python

Unless you don’t have a strong foundation, you can never excel in any programming language, and our trainers aim to strengthen this foundation. They ensure to break down every terminology in simple language so that students can grasp it quickly. Also, we do not constrict students when it comes to exploration and give them a free hand to ask us any questions. They can try their hands on any subject, and we explain them with live examples that abide with industry competence.
Our task isn’t over because our trainers help students prep for their projects and interviews and ensure that every query is resolved. We believe in one-to-one interaction, thus ensuring that every student gets complete knowledge.

  • All our professionals are certified and bag experience of more than 8 years.
  • Our proficient trainers keep an eye on industry trends and constantly update themselves.
  • They have trained more than 3000 students in a year.
  • With theoretical, they have a strong hold on practical knowledge too.

Syllabus Python

  • What is Python?
  • Where and how it is used?
  • Why Python over others?
  • Flavors of Python (eg.Intel Python)
  • Version3.x

  • Introduction to PYPI
  • Introduction to Pep8
  • Introduction to IDE (Jupiter-notebook/Pycharm)

  • int, float, complex number
  • string data type
  • list and list slicing
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set data types

  • String Functions
  • List Comprehension
  • Dictionary Comprehension

  • Conditional blocks(if, else, Temporary Operators)
  • Loops (for, while … etc)
  • Block Structure

  • In built functions
  • Function definition & function calls
  • Argument types
    • Fixed number of Arguments
  • Default Argument
  • Variable Number of arguments
  • Keyword arguments
  • Lamda function
  • Inner functions

  • Decorators Vs Generators
  • Implementing Decorators
  • Implementing Generators

  • In Built
  • User defined
  • Third Party

  • Self-keywords
  • OOP’s (Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism)
  • Introduction to SOLID Principles
  • Single Responsibilities
  • Inversion of Control-DI

  • Exception vs Error
  • Try-catch
  • Finally block

  • Open, Read, Write, Append
  • File operation using.csv & .txt

  • Mysql DB/SQL
  • Connectivity to mysql using PyMySQL
  • CRUD using PyMySQL

  • Error logging
  • Logging user activities

  • Introduction to regular expression
  • Operations using Reqexp module

  • JSON data handling using JSON module

  • Introduction to System Automation
  • Setup one Cron Job

  • Introduction to ORM
  • Introduction to sqlalchemy

  • With unit Test Module

  • Introduction to numpy, pandas, scikit learn


Batch Schedule for All Courses

100% Job Placement in Pune :Cyber Success - A Trustworthy Name in IT Training

14 Sep

9 Sep

7 Sep

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no specific skillsets, but it’s best to have basic knowledge of programming.
Yes sure. We have special weekend batches for working professionals.
Once you enroll in our Python coaching, we provide all online resources at your doorstep. Right from eBooks, notes, tips, tricks, and practice tests are provided via email or WhatsApp. So, rest assured that you will be properly looked after!
The trainers of Cyber Success Online are the best industry leaders who have expansive knowledge about the market. They are Python certified and are working with some of the reputed MNCs.
Google, Instagram, Netflix, and Quora are some of the best companies using Python.
It all depends on your availability. You can access at any time. But it is imperative to complete the course duration.
We accept most of the payment modes like online banking, UPI, bank transfer, etc. For more information, feel free to contact us.
Yes, it is appropriate to get a job based on the Python course. But you need to know some advanced terminologies. So, join Cyber Success Online and get trained as per industry trends.
Yes, we offer placement assistance to all students. We help them by undertaking mock interviews, designing resumes, and arrange job calls.
Yes, we do have group discounts. For that, feel free to contact us, and we will give you more information.

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