Benefits of Learning Python

What Are the Benefits of Learning Python Over Other Programming Languages?

What Are the Benefits of Learning Python Over Other Programming Languages?

With so many programming languages being actively used in the industry, It’s natural for people to ponder and debate what is the best programming language.

While a universal best language that is great for all each and every application might not exist. There are some languages that are reasonably good on many levels that could be considered best over others.

Benefits of learning python over other programming languages

Python is such a language that has applications in many areas. Let us know some of the benefits of learning python over other programming languages:

 Easy for getting into programming:

With simple syntax and a host of other features making python code easier to read and write, python is a great language if you are just getting into programming. Python lets you focus only on the algorithm other than fine details which are great for beginners.

Great resources for gaining knowledge:

Resources for learning a language is very important. For a start, Python has documentation that provides detailed information on language features and core modules and the open-source libraries are well documented too. Other than that, there are tons of online courses, videos, institutes, books, blogs that teach you the ins and outs of python.

Great community:

Python’s community is a great place to get help and help others. There are millions of enthusiastic people who support each other in all levels of experience starting from beginner to advanced.

Portability of Python:

A high portable language ensures that the applications written in that language will run on many platforms without developing for every system from scratch. Python is a highly portable language as its implementation, CPython, runs almost everywhere C does in many Unix like systems and windows. Additionally, with its Java implementation Jython, Python can take advantage of the portability of JVM.

The flexibility of Python:

With python having large libraries covering almost all fields, Python is suitable for building applications in many areas and thus is highly flexible. This flexibility is one of the major reasons for Python’s popularity.

Supports rapid development:

As Python is easy to write and read, one can build complex applications within less time in python compared to other languages.

Helps developing GUI applications:

Python has a standard GUI library Tkinter which is an object-oriented layer on top of Tcl/Tk. With this, Python can support the development of GUI based applications.

Useful for Data Science:

Python has many libraries and modules that support data scientists on many fronts. Pandas, Scipy, MatPlotLib are some of the libraries popular in this regard and due to this, python is one of the most preferred languages for data science.

Useful for big data:

With Python having much-needed libraries for scientific computing, analytics, and others, Python also is considered great for usage in Big data.

Machine learning and AI:

With libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch and Scikit-Learn python make it easy for applying machine learning algorithms. Python also has libraries like Keras that are popular for Artificial Intelligence.

Great for web development:

With frameworks like Django, Flask, and many others written in python, it provides powerful and easy ways for developers to design scalable complex web applications. Django particularly is easy to set up and is popular.

Great job opportunities:

As Python is useful for many areas, it is no doubt that python developers would be in high demand with good pay. Many leading companies including Google, Instagram(Facebook), IBM, use python in many ways, and demand for skilled Python developers would be high.

Python is constantly upgraded:

Python is actively supported by the Python Software Foundation and the community of enthusiast developers. With newer versions of Python releasing constantly with a lot of enhancements and fixes, python is surely going to be relevant and preferred in the coming days.

The above and lots of other benefits make python a great programming language to learn and get expertise.

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