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Software Testing Classes in Pune with 100% Job Guarantee

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Software Testing Classes In Pune With 100% Job Guarantee

Manual+Selenium+SQL/PL/SQL+Advanced Manual+ISTQB+Web Security+Agile

Releasing software in the market without testing is really beyond imagination. Top software companies are always ready to hire efficient professionals. A software tester will never ever starve. There are software testing classes in Pune which cover all the concepts of testing for shaping your skills.

Software developers are coming up with new applications at an interval of minutes. These apps have really made our lives much easier. It has become possible to carry on with numerous herculean tasks through few clicks. What would have happened if these applications were not tested prior to getting released in the market? Obviously, they will not work as they are supposed to work.

Benefits of Joining Cyber Success for Software Testing Classes in Pune

Software testing comprises of two vital parts; manual testing and automation testing. Both play a very important role. Software Testing  Classes in Pune will give you hands-on exposure to the procedure that is involved. As you will be going through numerous learning sessions, it will become easy to grasp the skill.

Testing is all about finding bugs and errors in the software and informing the same to the developers so that errors can be rectified then and there. Because of cut-throat competition in IT sectors, companies expect error-free software in the first go. Hence proficient software testers are on great demand in today’s world. So, give new wings to your career with Cyber Success Software testing classes in Pune.

Course Highlights

  • Job oriented training
  • ISTQB Certification preparation.
  • Hands on experience with Live Project, 2 Manual & 1 Automation
  • A wide range of scope in the market

Why do certification in software testing with Cyber Success

Software testing courses are made to transform students into professional testers who can do wonders in the IT industry. Being one of the leading software testing training institutes in Pune Cyber Success

  • Covers the basic and advanced level of software testing.
  • Our team guides students on resume preparation and interview question, as we want our students to emerge as a successful IT professional even in this cut-throat competition.
  • Quality teaching with practical knowledge.

Placement Assistance by Cyber Success

This is the major aspect a student wants to know before joining any institute, right? Well! We understand students’ concern. We have a tie-up with reputed companies which provide good placement opportunities to each student of Cyber Success.

So, if you aspire to become a skilled tester and want to see yourself in a reputed IT company, join our software testing classes in Pune to get placed in Top IT Companies.

Key Features

  • Attend Free 3 days Demo If you are Satisfied then only Pay
  • Interview Preparations’ Mock Interviews, Aptitude test, GD Sessions, etc.
  • Cyber Success Has Trained 3000+ Students In Pune
  • 350 + Clients ( IT Companies)
  • 100% job assistance
  • Job Oriented Training from Day 1,
  • High Placement Ratio under their Guidance
  • Technical Knowledge(Industry Experience) Shared by Industry experts  with real-time scenario’s
  • We allow students to work on live projects which will give them hands-on experience on different projects.
  • We transfer knowledge to our students with fun. Thus teaching them the concepts of testing without making them bored.
  • Student choice award for best software testing training institute in Pune by urban pro

Course Content

Manual Testing
  • SDLC
  • Types of Testing
  • Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Test Cases &Test Plan
  • Open Source Project
  • Build & Release Bug Life Cycle Defect Tracking
  • Test Data Management Client—Server Test Open Source Project
  • Resume Building
Advance Manual
  • Live Application /Open Source Project
  • Test management tool
  • Defect tracking tools
  • Deriving Test Cases from Use cases
  • Test Case Design Techniques
  • Write/Review/Execution of Test Cases
  • Logging defects and Summary Reports
  • Writing of Testplan And Test effort estimation
  • Interview Questions and more..
Mobile Testing(Manual)
  • Introduction to Mobile Testing
  • Mobile Application Type & Mobile Platforms and Mobile Testing Scope
  • Mobile Testing Strategy and Planning
  • Mobile Testing Tool and Mobile Testing Techniques
  • Live Mobile Application Project and More..
  • Fundamentals of software testing
  • Testing throughout the software lifecycle
  • Static Testing
  • Test Design techniques
  • Test Management
  • Tool support for testing
  • Calculations of CC(Cyclomatic Complexity)
  • Statement Coverage
  • Branch Coverage
  • Decision Coverage and relationship between them
  • Exam Preparation
  • Solving Q/A based on topics
Core Java for Selenium Automation
  • Basics of lava
  • First application
  • Flow control & operators
  • Java Class  and OOPs
  • Arrays, Packages
  • Modifiers, Interface
  • Garbage Collector, String manipulations
  • Wrapperclass and NestedClasses/InnerClasses
  • Exception handling
  • Multithreading, package
  • Collection Framework
  • JVM architecture
  • AWT
  • SWING *
  • APPLET *
  • JDBC
Overview of Selenium

Selenium Release

  • What is automation testing
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • How to learn any automation
  • Selenium Launch
  • Why Selenium and Selenium
  • Difference between selenium and other tools
  • Types of Automation tools
  • Selenium Components
  • Launch of selenium Components
  • Java in Selenium?
Selenium IDE
  • Selenium IDE Introduction
  • Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
  • Recording and Running a Sample Test
  • Selenium IDE – Features
  • Selenium Test Runner
  • Creating Selenium Test Suites
  • Selenium commands-“Selenies”
Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium WebDriver Launch
  • WebDriver Vs RC
  • Manage and get WebDriver with Eclipse
  • Downloading WebDriver Jar files and configuring in eclipse
  • Architecture of selenium webdriver
  • Selenium Browser Commands
  • Selenium NavigationCommands
  • Firepath and firebug Add-ons installation
  • Inspecting elements in Mozilla, Chrome and IE
  • First Program on selenium
  • Verify Page title in Selenium Webdriver
  • Navigation in selenium
  • WebElement Interface
  • Radio button and Checkbox in Selenium Webdriver
  • Handling AutoSuggestion
  • Handling Dropdown List
  • Handling File upload using Sikuli/Auto IT/Robot Class/Sendkeys
  • Handling Drag and Drop in Selenium
  • Handling Mouse Hover,Keyword Events using Action class
  • Synchronization using webdriver(Waits)
  • How to take screenshot using selenium
  • How to Take Multiple Screenshots
  • How to capture Error message using webdriver
  • Handling Multiple windows
  • Handling Alert Messages.
  • Handling IFrames.
  • Cross Browsing using selenium and challenges with IE browser
  • Wait Commands (Implicit, Explicit, Pageload, Script)
  • Complete details of Dynamic XPath in Selenium
  • Complete details on CSS in selenium
  • How to download files in Selenium Webdriver
  • Assertions and Verifications
TestNG Framework
  • Introduction of TestNG
  • TestNg vs Junit
  • Configure Eclipse with Selenium and TestNG
  • New- Installation of TestNG
  • TestNg Annotations and its Execution order.
  • Grouping the Test Scrpts and run through xml
  • Parallel test execution
  • Exception verification
  • Setting priorities to test
  • Dependencies between the test
  • Dependencies between the group
  • Including and excluding test through the script and by using xml
  • Executing only failed test
  • IT est Listeners in TestNG
  • TestNg Reports and Creating customized report in TestNG
  • Capturing screenshots in TestNG
  • Parameterization in TestNG-DataProvider
  • Dataprovider in TestNG
  • parallel Test execution.
  • Handling xml File
  • TestNG-Maven Integration
POM and PageFactory
  • What is Page Object Model
  • When and Why to use POM
  • Examples to POM
  • How to implement POM
  • What is PageFactory
  • Difference between POM and PageFactory
  • POM using Page Factory
  • @FinfBy annotation
  • @CatcheLookUp annotation
  • Test Cases with Page Factory
  • Sample Examples for POM.
  • Maven Overview
  • Maven
  • Maven Origins
  • What Maven Provide?
  • Ant vs Maven
  • Maven’s project object model(POM)
  • Maven’s Benefits
  • Maven Environment SetUp
  • Add Maven bin directory location to system path and verify Maven installation
  • Importing the maven project into eclipse
  • Maven Repositories and its structure
  • Building POM.xml to configure Selenium and TestNG
  • Building POM.xml to configure Selenium and TestNG
  • Dependencies in Maven.
  • Maven compiler dependency and Build plugIn
  • Creating and executing Maven project through CMD.
  • Creating and Execution of .bat files.
  • Maven integration with Jenkins
  • What is Continuous Integration
  • What is Jenkins and how it helps in CI
  • Downloading and installing Jenkins
  • Executing simple batch commands
  • Scheduling time for test execution.
  • Executing Selenium Project builds with ANT
  • Build Triggers
  • Mailing if build fails
  • Configuring/Scheduling Maven Project in Jenkins
  • Downloading and installing GIT
  • Installing GIT and GITHUB plugins for jenkins
  • Configuring ssh host keys for GIT and Jenkins
  • Uploading Projects On Git
  • Clone The Projects
  • Configuring/Scheduling remote Git
Automation FrameWorks
  • What is Framework
  • Types of Framework and Overview and it’s approaches.
  • Use of Framework and its need.
Hybrid Framework (TestNG+POM+PageFactory+DDT+Maven+Jenkins)
  • Introduction and Component of Frameworks
  • Designing Test Data Provider (Excel)
  • Designing Run Data Provider (Text/Property file)
  • Setting up ANT/Maven Build Tool
  • Factory Pattern Design
  • Browser Factory Design
  • Data Provider Factory Design
  • Designing Test Runner for Framework
  • Enhancing Browser Factory
  • Asserts, Test Fails & Error logging
  • Reporters, TestNG Listeners and Log file Generation
  • Running test with different Test Data
  • Generating the HTML reports
  • Emailing XSLT, Extent Reports
  • Creating a BAT file for project execution
  • Run project with ANT/Maven/Eclipse

Ritesh Naidu


Technology Consulting professional spanning over 11+ years of experience in the IT Industry. Experience in Development and Testing across Domains majorly in Enterprise Solutions and High End Tech Applications, has been involved in Building Teams in BOT Model (Build – Operate – Transfer) on SMB Segment (IT Software and Staffing) .

Indepth expertise in Software Development and Testing. Involved in Code Automation, IT Consulting & Training. Developing Best Practices, alliances & partnerships and Identification of core competency areas for the Development / Testing Delivery Practice. Transformed Technical Project Management group, by instituting project planning, tracking and oversight to predict project delivery. Group recognized as among most mature organizations company-wide.

Training wide audience on Advance Software Training in Development and Testing. The Objective being inculcating current and new technologies within candidates to help them cope with current market standards across the IT Industry and also help the IT sector with the highly skilled resources who can be productive from day one.

Renuka Dikonda
Hello Friends, My name is Renuka Dikonda & I've completed my B.E. from SKNCOE. As I'm from ETC background I was struggling to get job in IT companies. Then I searched for good training institutes & I came across institute named Cyber Success. Here I was bombarded with knowledge that would make me stand out among crowd. Thanks to Ritesh Sir, Vishal Sir & Omkar Sir, I got placed in Xento Systems, Pune. If you are willing to learn then this is the right place for you. Again no matter where you go you will definitely face competition. There is no easy way around. All you need is will to fight back when you fall & eventually you will feel the taste of Success.
Aditya Singh
4 months agoI Aditya Singh, started my course for Selenium in Cyber Success and it was really a great environment to study under. I am happy from the management team that they had took good care in Recruiting the students. I got placed in company for project under Manual & Automation both in Pune. Thanking the entire team of Cyber Success. Helpful?
Akash shastrakar
Hello friends I got placed in BITWISE global, Pune through Cyber Success, Pune. It is very good institute for student who want to make carrier in IT. They will provide you all knowledge and guidance related to Software testing and also provide good interview calls. I suggest you if you want make carrier in Software Testing then You must join Cyber Sucess.
harshal hadole
Cyber success is a best Institute for grow your knowledge. All teaching staff are very good knowledge about their respective fields.. And HR team also provide good guidelines for interview process.. If u really want to do your carrier in Testing join cyber success.



Almost all the big corporations need testing professionals. You can be hired as entry/mid-level which depends upon your experience and the training. You can start your career as   Manual Tester, Automation tester, Database Tester, Mobile tester.

Software Testing is the buzzword of the day. All organizations are shifting towards automation to increase the depth and scope of teststo help improve software quality. The program will offer you competitive advantage in your current job or can help you switch careers and role.

All the classes are live and interactive sessions wherein you can ask questions/ queries/doubts.  We encourage students to participate in discussion.

Surely, you can attend demo session that would give you a clear insight about how are the classes conducted, what is the level of interaction in the session, do you find subject interesting? Demo session defiantly helps you in taking decision.

Our course has been specially designed to give you strong knowledge. Every concept is explained with relevant lab practicals. With practice anyone can master programming language.

We can arrange back-up classes so even if you miss a class, you won’t miss the training.

All Trainers conducting courses are certified working professionals with multiple years of experience in IT industry as well as have flair of training. Trainers have extensive experience in training candidates.

You will receive unlimited interview calls for fresher’s/experienced job profile. We can help you for job change later also in your career.

You will receive unlimited interview calls for fresher’s/experienced job profile. We can help you for job change later also in your career.

You can complete the course by attending weekend sessions anytime during 1 year of period from the commencement.

The fees and duration vary from course to course and modules you choose for training. For more details on duration of courses, fee structure and payment methods please contact us.

Yes, the fee can be paid in two equal and easy instalments.

Cyber Success also equips you with the training on Agile methodologies followed in industry to manage project. Trainer will also share you interview questions & soft skills along with exposure to real time project management tools. There will be also Mock interviews for every students periodically to boost self-confidence. This is to groom students’ overall personality make them industry ready.

Yes, after successful completion of the course you will be handed with your certificate, irrespective of you being placed or not.

Cyber Success has specially designed courses keeping in mind the current industry trends. Students can take admission to such combo courses instead of get trained in only one technology/language. For example, student can take admission to AngulrJS + PHP+ SQL or Angualr JS+ Dot Net +MVC or Testing+JAVA/J2EE+Android or Testing+DotNET+AngularJS. For more details on course contents, duration, fees and guidance please contact us.

Lab exercises are important part of training courses. Apart from lab exercises we will be having real time projects for in depth training.

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  • Vinayak Singh
    Thank You Cyber Success. I came here from mail for the placement drive. I got placed in Bristlecone with Package 3.25LPA. Thank you for this opportunity. I am 2016 pass out so it' was very hard to find a job and I am so Lucky that I came to Cyber Success. After drive the directly send me to company location for next rounds which was one day process, and I got placed.If anybody is looking for job opportunity in software testing or development or for good training in software courses do visit Cyber Success. Thankful to the recruitment team,they stayed in touch for providing all details and being cooperative at every stage.
    Vinayak Singh
  • Rajshri Tormad
    Hello all, I got Placed in Reflexis systems as a Software Tester. I have Completed Software Testing Course from Cyber Success. Cyber Success is THE BESTEST Software Training and Placement Institute.It was great learning Experience. I am very thankful to Cyber Success team. All Staff is very Supportive. Specially Ritesh Sir's Teaching is Excellent and it helps to cleared all my Concepts. HR-Recruitment Team and Admin Team is very supportive and helpful. I would suggest all of you to join Cyber Success for your Better Future.
    Rajshri Tormad
  • Nitin Tajane
    Hello Everyone, I got placed in Wishtree technologies as a JAVA Developer. Lot of thanks to cyber success for this opportunity. Cyber success is the BEST Software Training & Placement Institute. All the staff of cyber success is very supportive. Special thanks to Pratik sir,Harshal sir, Ritesh sir. I am thankful to recruitment team, Admin team for providing support.
    Nitin Tajane
  • rutuja sonawane
    I got placed in MNC through cyber success. Cyber success is the best package of excellent training and placement ,Soft skill development and best recruitment staff which will lead to be placed in a good company. I will suggest to all who are willing to get trained and placed in good company with good practical knowledge ,please join cyber success institute .
    rutuja sonawane
  • harshal hadole
    Cyber Success is best institute for software testing and i felt all topics taught me by all trainers were excellent..I got placed in Reflexis India Pvt Ltd within 3 calls. Thanks a lot to Cyber Success.
    harshal hadole
  • Pratik Sonare
    I am Amol Ghuge , having total 1+ years experience in Software Testing.I got placed in AQM technologies Mumbai , Cyber Success is like a family for excellent knowledge providing for testing, I will suggest to all my friends to join Cyber Success Academy. It is great place for excellent testing class as well as placement Institute.
    Pratik Sonare
  • Rasika Tanpure
    Hi, I am Shubham Swami, I have been a part of "Cyber Success" from past 4 months. I have completed my 'Manual Testing' and 'Automation Testing' course from here. I can assure everyone who wants to pursue any course mentioned above, you will never get any institute better than "Cyber Success". It's not just an institute but more like a family. The trainer " Mr. Ritesh Naidu " , the way he teaches i don't think anyone have that ability like he does. The admin dept. and the recruitment team, both are very helpful and friendly. Number of mocks are taken, which helps students build their confidence. I suggest everyone to join "Cyber Success" if you really want to achieve your goals and want to get placed in a renowned company.
    Rasika Tanpure
  • Unmesha bhapkar
    Hello, I heard from friends about CYBER SUCCESS TRAINING & PLACEMENT INSTITUTE. I had attended demo lectures of JAVA and loved the way Ritesh sir taught us JAVA in easy and fun way. I Was so confused in the beginning about course but The difficult JAVA became an easy JAVA. The delivery of sir is so easy to understand. HR team provides us with no of calls and good training for GD,Mock session and Aptitude session. The Institute support us and trained us well for technical as well as how to sustained in the market. This is the BEST JAVA TRAINING INSTITUTE so far. I recommend you to join cyber success for not only good placement but also good knowledge.THANK YOU Ritesh sir and Angita Mam, Onkar sir, HR Team, Admin Team for the support.
    Unmesha bhapkar
  • chaitanya kulkarni
    I joined Cyber Success for Java Development Course and I must say it is a good Java Training Institute. When i joined this institute , admin team is very helpful to explain about courses and give you demo then you have to decide join or not,so many courses are available and trainers are very particular about what to teach so that you may get the practical knowledge. Good environment and daily mocks or aptitude ,teachers are helpful and all the team are supported. I got selected in Coditas as Full Stack developer and its a very good java training institute .
    chaitanya kulkarni
  • Ankita Pasalkar
    "Cyber Success" is full package where you can raise up your all skills along with the course in which we enroll like it includes grooming sessions , aptitude, regular mocks.They offer lot of opportunity,the only thing is we have to grab that with our continuous efforts and sincerity.Once you get in here,no need to worry about placement and bright future,you just have to focus on improving your skills and soon you will achieve your goal.
    Ankita Pasalkar
  • Alok Bhaware
    I got placed through cyber success as a software Developer. I came to know about cyber success through Facebook. There was a free workshop arranged for automation testing. Through which I get to know about quality of training .So I joined a Java/J2EE with hibernate, Spring course in cyber success. There is very good Training faculty. Recruitment team is also good. They guided me while preparing for interviews. Admin team is also very cooperative. Good environment and daily mocks & aptitude,trainers are very helpful and all team members are supportive. It is a great learning experience with cyber success.Its very good Training & Placement Institute.
    Alok Bhaware
  • Atul Swami
    I am not able that from where do I start to say about "Cyber Success", but I would say its one of the bestest training and placement institute.I came to know about Cyber Success from one of my friend.My main barrier to get placed was that I am 2010 pass-out, but I would not be able to overcome it without Cyber Success.Now I got placed in "SYNERZIP SOFTECH" as a QA. As institute's name has success, it will definitely leads you towards success.All staff members are here to clear your doubts as many times as possible.I would say "Ritesh Sir" is best trainer ever i came across.I believe,no one can teach better than Ritesh Sir.His teaching style is unbelievable.Thank you all my trainers-Ritesh Sir,Onkar Sir & Sumit Sir. HR- Recruitment team was always there to take follow up of mocks & soft skills sessions which helped me to crack the interview.Thank you Recruitment & Admin team for your consistent & valuable support. If anyone is seeking for genuine knowledge & best placement support, I must suggest Go for Cyber Success.
    Atul Swami
  • pooja bhusagare
    Hello All, I am Amol Bodade completed B E in Electrical engineering 2016 got placed in AQM ,MUMBAI .Cyber Success has best environment to get training in IT sector , spending good time and hardwork ends with placement. Best teaching and their experience(Ritesh Sir,Onkar Sir,Sumit Sir,Rohit Sir) makes students to get placed easier.Special thanks to Recruitment team , Admin team. Best software training and placement institute.
    pooja bhusagare
  • Mrunali Sakpal
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Excellent Teachers(Ritesh Sir, Sumit sir, Rohit Sir, Onkar Sir) who clear all doubts and give in depth clarity on it, Excellent Recruitment Team who supports all time,provide maximum interview calls. My year of passing is 2017 and I am placed in Quality Kiosk. I got approximate 10 interview calls. There is no limitations of call and if you have the talent you will definitely achieve your goals. Cyber Success is best training and placement institute in Pune and the Best Software Testing Training Institute for all practical knowledge. Thank you Cyber Success for placement[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
    Mrunali Sakpal