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Elevate Your Career Journey with the Cyber Success MERN Stack Course in Pune, India

Embark on a studying journey at Cyber Success, an IT Training institute in Pune, India. We specialize in supporting you to construct successful careers via modern-day education. Known as pioneers in advanced schooling in Pune, we offer the acclaimed MERN Stack Course, identified as the Best in Pune, India. Boost your career with us!

Our MERN Stack Training Course isn’t only a bunch of lessons; it is a whole journey made to offer you a deep and all-round understanding of internet improvement. Dive into the information of MongoDB, Express.Js, React.Js, and Node.Js as you undergo an engaging gaining knowledge of experience. We’ve designed it that help you improve your skills, inspire creativity, and build the foundation for a successful profession inside the lively global of web improvement. Join us and start your adventure to turning into a professional MERN Stack Developer at Cyber Success in Pune, India!

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Start Your Web Development Journey with Cyber Success’s MERN Stack Training Institute: (Online/Offline Batches)

Join Cyber Success in Pune, India, for a top-notch software development training Institute. We’re recognized as the MERN Stack Training Institute in Pune, India offering a unique place where your aspirations meet practical knowledge.

At Cyber Success, we’re committed to providing quality IT education. Our industry-focused curriculum is designed to prepare you for the challenges of the ever-changing tech world. With hands-on training, we create a transformative learning experience, making us the preferred choice for budding developers and tech enthusiasts in Pune.

Join us and discover the advantage of learning from an institute that not only teaches but also shapes successful careers. Your path to becoming a skilled MERN Stack Developer starts here at Cyber Success best MERN stack Developer Course in Pune, India.

Why Cyber Success’s MERN Stack Developer Course is best for you?

At Cyber Success, we pass beyond conventional schooling. Our MERN Stack Developer Course is not just about studying to code; it’s approximately reworking your capabilities and mindset. Here’s why our application stands proud:

  • Industry-Driven Curriculum: Our mern stack course curriculum is meticulously designed by using enterprise professionals, ensuring that you acquire the abilities demanded through the ever-evolving tech panorama.
  • Practical Learning:  Dive into real-international tasks, gaining practical enjoyment that prepares you for the challenges of expert net development.
  • Expert Guidance: In our MERN stack Training Institute learn from seasoned experts who deliver actual global insights to the classroom. Benefit from their guidance as you navigate through the complexities of mern Stack.
  • Holistic Skill Development: Beyond technical abilities, we give attention to gentle abilities, problem-solving, and important questioning, making sure you’re properly rounded and prepared for achievement.
  • Interactive Learning: Dive into collaborative learning that mimics real-world teamwork in software program tasks. Work intently with peers for a palms-on experience.
  • Feedback for Growth: Get normal checks and beneficial remarks. Understand standards and constantly decorate your talents as you progress through this system.
  • Career Kickstart: In our MERN Stack Course we do not simply educate; we help your professional journey. Avail resume building, interview prep, and activity placement assistance for a confident entry into the expert international.
  • Certification Reward : Complete our MERN Full Stack Training and earn an ISO-certified Cyber Success certificate. This provides credibility for your abilities, boosting your profile for task or freelance opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria for the MERN Stack Course

  • Web Developers Seeking Expertise: Ideal for internet developers aiming to enhance their skills or collaborate on corporation-level tasks.
  • Coding Enthusiasts and Beginners: Perfect for novices, freshers, and college students in Engineering, IT, and Computer Science looking to kickstart their coding journey.
  • Android Developers and Game Developers: Tailored for Android Developers, Game Developers, and IT Professionals seeking to increase their skill set in Java programming.
  • Career Changers Entering Tech: Suitable for individuals taking into account a career trade and aspiring to go into the dynamic subject of generation.
  • Front-End DevelopersExpand your skill set, becoming a Full-Stack Developer mastering both front-end and back-end technologies.
  • Entrepreneurs: Acquire the technical know-how to build and manage your web applications, giving your business a competitive edge.

Features of the MERN Stack Course

Master Every Layer of MERN Stack: MERN Stack Training Structure

Embark on an enriching adventure to comprehend each layer of the MERN Stack Training through our meticulously designed route shape. Explore the World of NoSQL Databases Dive deep into the area of MongoDB, a main NoSQL database. Gain complete information on its architecture, abilities, and packages. Uncover the intricacies of green data storage and retrieval, empowering you to deal with various facts and sorts with finesse. 


Mongo DB Training Institute in Pune
MongoDB Training in Pune

Let’s break down MongoDB and NoSQL databases into less complicated phrases!

Imagine you have lots of facts, like information about humans, merchandise, or whatever else. Traditionally, we used relational databases (like SQL databases) to save these records. They are like large tables with rows and columns. Now, enter NoSQL databases, wherein MongoDB is a popular participant. NoSQL means “not only SQL.” Unlike conventional databases, NoSQL databases are greater bendy. They don’t pressure you to organize information into tables. So, MongoDB is a NoSQL database that helps you to keep and manage your information in an extra flexible manner. Here’s an easy breakdown:

  • Mongo DB ArchitectureInstead of tables, MongoDB stores data in what’s known as BSON format. Think of BSON as a manner to organize data in a bendy, record-like structure.
  • Mongo DB CapabilitiesMongoDB can handle numerous kinds of information effortlessly. Whether it’s simple text, numbers, or maybe complicated systems, MongoDB can keep it without a hard and fast, inflexible schema.
  • Mongo DB PackagesMongoDB provides tools and libraries to interact with the database. You can suppose of those gear as applications that help you without problems painting with your records.
  • Mongo DB Green Data StorageGreen” here would not imply shade. It refers to environmentally friendly practices. MongoDB is designed to be green, which in a roundabout way consumes fewer resources (like power and area).
  • Mongo DB Data RetrievalMongoDB makes it smooth to locate and retrieve the information you want. Its flexible shape allows for short and efficient searches.
  • Mongo DB Handling Diverse Data TypesMongoDB isn’t always picky approximately the sort of facts you want to save. Whether it’s a simple piece of text, a list, or maybe a whole file, MongoDB can cope with it easily.

So, in a nutshell, MongoDB is sort of an amazing-bendy virtual submitting cupboard for your facts. It does not force your data into inflexible tables, making it easier to paint with exclusive kinds of records. It’s like a fab, adaptable pal for coping with your numerous facts needs!a


Mastering Server-Side Development Immerse yourself in the world of server-facet development with Express.Js. Learn the nuances of routing, middleware implementation, and server setup. Acquire the competencies to create robust again-end answers, making sure seamless communication between the client and server for premiere overall performance.

Express JS Training Classes in Pune
Express JS Training in Pune

Imagine you need to create a website or web software.

Traditionally, constructing a web app includes a whole lot of complex steps. Enter Express.Js – a web framework for Node.Js that makes this process lots easier.

  • Building Blocks of Expree.JsExpress.Js affords a hard and fast of equipment and constructing blocks that assist you in constructing your internet application. Think of it like a hard and fast of Lego portions that you may use to construct special elements of your web page.
  • Express. JS RoutingIn a web app, extraordinary pages or sections need to be dealt with differently. Express.Js allows you to outline how your app needs to respond while a person is going to a selected URL. It’s like giving directions in your internet site site visitors.
  • Express. JS Middleware: Express.Js lets you use middleware, which are like unique assistants that can modify or deal with requests and responses before they reach their very last destination. For instance, you may use middleware to check if a person is logged in earlier than showing them certain pages.
  • Express JS Serving Content: You need your internet site to reveal pictures, patterns, and scripts, right? Express.Js makes it easy to serve these files to site visitors. It’s like making sure all of the essential ingredients are to be had to show your website effectively.
  • Express JS Template EnginesExpress.Js can work with template engines that assist you create dynamic pages. These engines permit you to inject statistics into your HTML, making your pages personalized for each person. Think of it like customizing a letter with the recipient’s name.
  • Handling Requests and Responses of Express JS: Express.Js simplifies how your app interacts with the consumer’s browser. You outline how your app responds when someone clicks a button or submits a form. It’s like coaching your app the way to listen and respond to consumer actions.
  • Error Handling of Express JSNo one likes errors, right? Express.Js facilitates you to handle them gracefully. It’s like having a safety net that catches and offers mistakes, so your customers do not see confusing error messages.

In essence, Express.Js is like an accessible toolbox for constructing net applications with Node.Js. It streamlines the method, making it less complicated for developers to create websites without getting slowed down by the nitty-gritty details. It’s your trusty assistant inside the world of web improvement!


Unleash the Power of Interactive UIs Delve into the effective realm of React.Js, the front-prevent library for building fascinating customer interfaces. Explore the ideas of aspect-based total structure and understand the way to create dynamic and interactive internet packages. Craft responsive interfaces that have a protracted-lasting impact on customers.
React JS Training Classes in Pune India
React JS Training Classes in Pune

Imagine you need to build a consumer interface in your internet site or internet utility.

React.Js is like the artist’s palette for developing beautiful and interactive net interfaces. Here’s an easy breakdown:

  • React JS is Component-based: React.Js breaks down your interface into smaller, reusable pieces referred to as components. Think of them as building blocks or LEGO bricks that you can use and reuse to construct your net pages.
  • ReactJS Virtual DOM: React uses a Virtual DOM to successfully update most effective the components of the web page that want to exchange, in place of reloading the whole page. It’s like having a clever assistant who most effectively updates what is essential rather than redoing the whole thing.
  • ReactJS Declarative Syntax: React lets you describe how your UI needs to observe any given factor, and it robotically figures out the maximum green way to make it occur. It’s like telling your assistant what you want, and it takes care of the “how.”
  • React JSX: In React, you write what looks as if HTML at once for your JavaScript code. This is called JSX. It’s like including a touch of magic, making your code greater readable and expressive.
  • React JS State and Props: React components could have their internal state, and you could skip records to them the use of props. It’s like giving each building block its specific capabilities and information.
  • React JS Component Lifecycle: React additives undergo a lifecycle, from creation to updates and eventual removal. This lifecycle lets you manipulate what takes place at each level, like giving commands for exceptional parts of a play.
  • React JS Single Page Applications (SPAs)React is exceptional for creating SPAs, wherein the web page does not reload when you navigate. It’s like flipping through different chapters of an eBook without closing and reopening it on every occasion.
  • React Hooks: Hooks are capabilities in React that allow you to use state and lifecycle features in useful components. It’s like including new equipment on your artist’s palette, making it even more versatile.

In essence, React.Js is like the artist’s canvas and palette blended. It gives you the gear to create interactive and dynamic user interfaces conveniently. It’s your creative associate in making your web pages not simply practical, but also visually appealing!


Harnessing JavaScript on the Server Side Unlock the abilities of Node.Js for server-side JavaScript development. Learn to construct scalable and excessive-overall performance packages with the usage of event-pushed, non-blockading I/O. Explore the surroundings of Node.Js modules, permitting you to create function-wealthy server-facet programs easily.

Node JS certification course in Pune
node js Training in Pune

Imagine you want to build a server on your internet application. Node.Js is just like the chef in a busy kitchen. It allows you to address server-facet duties successfully. Here’s an easy breakdown:

  • JavaScript at the Server with Node. Js: You could use JavaScript no longer just in the browser but also at the server. It’s like having the same chef paintings seamlessly in both the kitchen and the eating region.
  • Event-Driven and Asynchronous Node.JsThis is designed to deal with many things immediately, like coping with a couple of orders in an eating place. It’s like a chef multitasking to cook distinct dishes simultaneously.
  • Node. JS Fast Execution: Node.Js is understood for its pace in executing code. It’s like having a first-rate-green chef who can prepare dishes quickly, decreasing the time your clients (or customers) ought to wait.
  • Npm (Node Package Manager): npm is a tool that incorporates Node.Js, allowing you to easily control and percentage programs of code. It’s like getting access to a tremendous pantry of pre-organized components that you can use on your recipes.
  • Server-Side Scripting: Js permits server-facet scripting, permitting you to generate dynamic content material earlier than it reaches the person’s browser. It’s like the chef making a customized dish primarily based on the customer’s options.
  • Node JS Handling Requests: Node.Js is splendid at managing a large number of simultaneous connections. It’s like having a chef who successfully takes and manages orders from more than one table without getting beaten.
  • Building APIs: Js is generally used to build APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow exclusive components of your software to communicate. It’s like creating a menu that both the kitchen and the waitstaff apprehend to serve the customers seamlessly.
  • Node.JS Scalability: Js is scalable, which means it may cope with more and more tasks or users without slowing down. It’s like having a kitchen that can expand to cater to a developing number of customers in the course of busy hours.

In essence, Node.Js is just like the grasp chef in your internet software’s kitchen. It handles responsibilities correctly, serves requests quickly, and allows your software to run easily, making it an important element within the recipe for a hit-net server.

This comprehensive direction structure is designed to offer you in-depth information on every layer of the MERN Stack, ensuring you graduate with the capabilities and self-belief to tackle real-world challenges in present-day internet improvement. Each module builds upon the previous

Unlock Lucrative Career Paths with MERN Stack Training at Cyber Success Pune, India

Secure your destiny by enrolling in MERN Stack training lessons at Cyber Success in Pune. Our program is tailored to equip you with the abilities demanded with the aid of the ever-evolving tech enterprise, imparting a solid foundation for in-call job opportunities. Emphasizing practical mastering, our industry-applicable curriculum ensures you are properly prepared for real-global net development demanding situations.

MERN Stack Job Opportunity in India

Benefit from the information of pro instructors who deliver valuable insights past textbook know-how. Cyber Success, a prominent institute in Pune, has a validated tune report of turning in pinnacle-notch tech training. Join our MERN Stack Course to free up a transformative adventure in the direction of a secure and prosperous professional destiny in the dynamic discipline of net development. Invest for your career boom and function yourself strategically for success with Cyber Success.

Your Path to Success: Cyber Success is the Perfect Destination for Your MERN Stack Course in Pune

Live Classroom

Our MERN Course in Pune has dedicated instructors who go the extra mile to address your doubts with group discussions and practical demonstrations.

Foundational Learning

Our MERN Stack Developer Course begins with the basics, ensuring a step-by-step learning approach that equips you with essential knowledge for seamless progress to advanced levels.

Hands-on Experience

Cyber Success MERN Stack Developer Course prioritizes practical exposure, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application through collaboration with instructors.

100% Placement

We offer placement assistance, career guidance, resume building, and interview skill refinement to empower your career prospects.

Our Curriculum

Our MERN Stack Training is crafted by experts, and our curriculum ensures detailed and clear explanations for all your questions.

Industry-Relevant Skills

Our MERN Stack Course is designed to impart skills that are in high demand in the industry, ensuring you are well-prepared for real-world challenges and opportunities

MERN Stack Course Certification Training at Cyber Success Pune, India

cyber success certificate

Your Path to Full-Stack Mastery Choose the route to complete-stack mastery with a MERN Certification Training at Cyber Success Pune, India available both through the Online MERN Course and Offline MERN Stack Course in Pune. Opting for our certification is not just a decision; it is a strategic profession that circulates with numerous advantages. This certification is a tangible validation of your MERN stack improvement know-how, positioning you as a gifted complete-stack developer and signaling your commitment to continuous expert development.

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, protecting a diagnosed Cyber Success MERN Stack Certificate will become a strategic asset, imparting a distinct gain in job interviews and guiding your profession in the direction of achievement. Whether you’re at the start of your full-stack development journey or trying to refine your abilities, our MERN Stack Certification Course in Pune is the catalyst for a successful and rewarding career.

What Proficiency Will You Showcase after the MERN Stack Course in Pune at Cyber Success?

After completing the MERN Stack Course in Pune at Cyber Success, you will emerge with a rich ability set and realistic understanding, empowering you to excel in complete-stack development. Here’s a glimpse of the proficiencies you can assume to showcase:

  • MERN Full-Stack Mastery: Attain complete expertise in the MERN stack – MongoDB, Express.Js, React.Js, and Node.Js. This complete-stack talent allows you to seamlessly navigate both front-stop and returned-cease improvement.
  • Efficient Database Management with MongoDB: Acquire the ability to proficiently manage and control facts using MongoDB, a NoSQL database. Harness its flexibility to create scalable and dynamic programs.
  • Server-Side Development with Express.Js and Node.Js: Develop robust server-facet packages using Express.Js and Node.Js. Learn to layout APIs, manipulate routes, and put in force server-side good judgment correctly.
  • Dynamic Front-End Development with React.Js: Gain expertise in building interactive and dynamic person interfaces through the usage of React.Js. Master the art of creating reusable components, coping with country, and making sure a premier person enjoys.
  • Seamless Integration of MERN Technologies: Learn a way to seamlessly combine MongoDB, Express.Js, React.Js, and Node.Js to create cohesive and high-overall performance packages. Understand the synergy between front-stop and returned-end components.
  • Version Control with Git and GitHub: Acquire important model control capabilities through the usage of Git and GitHub. Learn the way to collaborate correctly, track code changes, and contribute to collaborative development tasks.
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design: Explore strategies for crafting responsive and cellular-friendly designs, making sure an optima

Comprehensive MERN Stack Curriculum: Cyber Success in Pune gives a well-based route covering MongoDB, Express.Js, React.Js, and Node.Js, ensuring a thorough understanding of the entire MERN stack for proficient web development.

Beyond Basics: Cyber Success Pune's Advanced MERN Stack Training Course with Real-World Applications

  • Hands-On Learning Experience: The institute provides realistic studying surroundings with hands-on initiatives, allowing students to use theoretical expertise in international scenarios and develop sensible capabilities crucial for fulfilment inside the enterprise.
  • Cutting-Edge Teaching Methods: Cyber Success employs revolutionary and up-to-date coaching techniques, incorporating ultra-modern industry tendencies and best practices to make sure that students are nicely organized for the dynamic field of internet development.
  • Dedicated Placement Assistance: One of the standout features is the institute’s dedication to placements. Cyber Success has a superb music file of efficaciously setting its graduates in authentic businesses, showcasing the effectiveness of its training applications.
  • Real-World Skill Development: The emphasis on realistic initiatives and industry-applicable skills equips college students with the capabilities demanded using employers, making them stand out within the competitive activity marketplace.
  • Interview Preparation Program: Cyber Success is going the more mile via imparting a dedicated placement assistance software, that specializes in interview training. This ensures that scholars no longer most effectively benefit technical understanding but additionally, the self-assurance to excel in task interviews.
  • Proven Success Stories: With a sturdy record of producing successful MERN stack builders, Cyber Success has hooked up itself as a dependable platform for the ones in search of a worthwhile profession in internet development

MERN Stack Development Course Key Features at Cyber Success Pune

Course Duration

90 Hours

Cyber Success MERN stack course in Pune spans 90 to 110 hours, Offering real-time projects and a blend of theory and practical sessions for proficiency in MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. (MERN) Excellence.

Skill Level

Beginner to Advance

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. We are providing Training to the needs from Beginners level to Experts level.

Total students

500+ students

500+ Learners, we have already finished 20+ Batches with a 100% course completion record.

Assignments Duration

50 Hours

50 hours, Trainers will provide you with the assignments according to your skill sets and needs.

Classroom Options


You have the flexibility to choose between classroom online or offline learning modes, ensuring that you can tailor your training to your preferences and schedule.

Class Schedules

Weekday and weekend

With morning and evening sessions available, cater to both working professionals and students, providing flexibility to balance your education with other commitments.


Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing for MERN Stack Training with Placements. We also provide convenient payment options, including installment plans, to make it accessible to a wider range of students.

Scholarship Program

Campus Connect

Additionally, we have MERN Stack Training  Scholarship Opportunities available for deserving candidates to reduce the financial burden of the course.

Trainer's Profile for MERN Stack Course at Cyber Success Pune, India

  • Passionate Educators: Our MERN Stack trainers at Cyber Success are driven by a passion for sharing MongoDB, Express.Js, React.Js, and Node.Js knowledge and helping students recognize its importance as a programming language.
  • Comprehensive Teaching: They simplify complex jargon, providing expertise beyond the syllabus to ensure students have a thorough understanding.
  • Clear Instruction: Our MERN Stack Course trainers use an approach that’s easy to grasp, ensuring students quickly and comprehend every concept.
  • Beyond Project Assistance: Our MERN Stack Training in Pune commitment goes beyond project preparation, including one-to-one interactions and practical experience for real-world assignments.
  • Extensive Knowledge: Students benefit from in-depth learning of MongoDB, Express.Js, React.Js, and Node.Js (MERN)
  • Dynamic Learning Environment: Trainers encourage exploration through real-time examples, allowing students the freedom to delve into the subject.
  • Project and Interview Support: Trainers assist with project completion and interview preparation, and students are welcome to ask questions anytime.
  • Experienced Professionals: Our industry trainers have over 10 years of experience and have trained more than 500+ students annually.
  • Strong Theoretical and Practical Knowledge: They possess both theoretical and practical expertise in Java.
  • Certified Professionals: Our MERN Stack trainers hold certifications with higher grades, reflecting their commitment to excellence.
  • Industry-Relevant Expertise: They stay up-to-date with real-world industry applications and have experience with multiple real-time projects.
  • Multinational Company Experience: Our MERN trainers have worked in multinational companies, bringing real-world insights to their teaching.

MERN Stack Course Syllabus

1. Introduction to NoSQL databases

  • Overview of SQL vs NoSQL
  • Types of NoSQL databases
  • Advantages and disadvantages of NoSQL databases

2. Understanding MongoDB architecture

  • Document-oriented data model
  • Collections and Documents
  • BSON (Binary JSON)

3. Installing MongoDB

  • Installation on different platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Configuration and setup

4. CRUD operations in MongoDB

  • Inserting documents
  • Querying documents
  • Updating documents
  • Deleting documents

5. Querying MongoDB

  • Basic queries
  • Query operators (comparison, logical, element, etc.)
  • Aggregation framework

6. Indexing and Aggregation

  • Index types (single field, compound, multikey)
  • Performance optimization with indexing
  • Aggregation pipeline stages

7. Data modeling in MongoDB

  • Schema design principles
  • Embedding vs Referencing
  • Modeling relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many)­

8. MongoDB Atlas – Cloud database hosting

  • Introduction to MongoDB Atlas
  • Creating and configuring clusters
  • Data backup and restore

9. Security in MongoDB (Optional)

  • Authentication mechanisms (SCRAM, X.509 certificates)
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Encryption in transit and at rest

1. Introduction to Express.js

  • What is Express.js
  • Features and benefits
  • Middleware concept

2. Setting up Express.js environment

  • Installing Node.js and npm
  • Initializing a new Express.js project
  • Project structure and conventions

3. Routing in Express.js

  • Handling HTTP requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  • Route parameters and query strings
  • Route handlers and middleware functions

4. Middleware in Express.js

  • Built-in middleware vs custom middleware
  • Error handling middleware
  • Third-party middleware (body-parser, morgan, etc.)

5. Error handling in Express.js

  • Error handling middleware
  • Error object and status codes
  • Error propagation

6. File uploading with Express.js

  • Handling file uploads with multer middleware
  • Configuring multer options
  • Uploading files to the server

7. Authentication and Authorization using Express.js

  • Authentication methods (JWT, sessions, OAuth)
  • Implementing authentication middleware
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) middleware

8. Express.js and MongoDB integration

  • Connecting to MongoDB with mongoose
  • Performing CRUD operations with mongoose
  • Handling database errors and responses

1. Introduction to Node.js

  • What is Node.js
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Non-blocking I/O model

2. Setting up Node.js environment

  • Installing Node.js and npm/yarn
  • Project structure and conventions
  • Creating a simple Node.js server

3. Node.js modules and package management (npm/yarn)

  • CommonJS module system
  • Creating and consuming modules
  • Publishing packages to npm registry

4. Filesystem operations in Node.js

  • Reading and writing files
  • File and directory manipulation
  • File streams and buffers

5. HTTP module and creating a simple server

  • Creating an HTTP server with Node.js
  • Handling HTTP requests and responses
  • Routing requests to different handlers

6. synchronous programming in Node.js (Callbacks, Promises, Async/Await)

  • Understanding asynchronous programming
  • Callbacks and callback hell
  • Promises for asynchronous operations
  • Async/Await syntax for asynchronous code

7. RESTful APIs with Node.js

  • Design principles of RESTful APIs
  • Creating RESTful routes with Express.js
  • Handling HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)

8. Authentication and Authorization using Node.js

  • Implementing authentication middleware
  • Generating and verifying JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) middleware

9. Websockets and real-time communication

  • Introduction to Websockets
  • Using library for real-time communication
  • Broadcasting messages to connected clients

10. Deployment strategies for Node.js applications

  • Deploying Node.js applications to hosting platforms (Heroku, AWS, DigitalOcean)
  • Setting up environment variables
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines

1. Introduction to React

  • Start with the official React documentation and understand the core concepts like
  • components, JSX (JavaScript XML), and how to create a basic React application.

2. Setting Up Your Development Environment

  • Learn how to set up a development environment for React. You’ll need Node.js
  • and npm (Node Package Manager). Create a new React project using
  • create-react-app or a similar tool.

3. Components and JSX

  • Understand what React components are and how to create them. Learn about JSX,
  • which allows you to write HTML-like code within JavaScript.

4. State and Props

  • Grasp the concepts of state and props in React. Understand how to manage and pass data between components.

5. Component Lifecycle

  • Learn about the lifecycle of React components, including mounting, updating,and unmounting phases.

6. Handling Events

  • Explore how to handle user interactions and events in React, such as clicks and form submissions.

Mini static project

7. Conditional Rendering

  • Learn how to conditionally render components based on certain conditions or user inputs.

8. Lists and Keys

  • Understand how to work with lists of data in React and the importance of using keys for efficient rendering.

9. Forms in React(Optional)

  • Explore how to create controlled components for handling forms and user input.

10. React Router

  • If you’re building a multi-page application, learn about React Router for managing different views and routes in your app.

11. State Management

  • Consider learning about state management libraries like Redux or Mobx for more complex applications.

12. Styling in React(Optional)

  • Learn different approaches to styling your React components, such as CSS-in-JS,CSS modules, or external CSS libraries.

13. API Calls

  • Understand how to make API calls from your React application to fetch data from external sources.

14. Major Projects

  • Apply what you’ve learned by building small to medium-sized projects. Practicalexperience is crucial for mastering React.js.

Full Stack Project

  1. Planning and designing the project
  • Identifying project requirements
  • Creating wireframes and mockups
  • Database schema design

2. Implementing backend with Node.js and Express.js

  • Setting up backend server and routes
  • Creating database models and schema
  • Implementing business logic and authentication

3. Integrating MongoDB for data storage

  • Setting up MongoDB Atlas cluster
  • Connecting Node.js application to MongoDB
  • Performing CRUD operations with mongoose

4. Building frontend with React.js

  • Creating React components and layout
  • Fetching data from backend APIs
  • Handling user interactions and form submissions

5. Connecting frontend and backend

  • Making HTTP requests from React.js to Node.js  FrontEnd

Module 1: Web Programming Introduction

  • The architecture of a website
  • Different technologies in making the website
  • Web Development Introduction

Module 2: HTML-introduction

  • History of HTML Syntax of HTML
  • Syntax of HTML

Model 3: HTML-Headers

  • Different types of tags used inside HTML headers

Module 4: HTML- Different Types of Tags

  • HTML Basic Tags
  • HTML Formatting Tags
  • HTML Grouping Tags
  • HTML List Tags
  • HTML Table Tags HTML Form Tags
  • Other HTML Tags

Module 5: Semantic HTML Elements

  • Different semantic HTML elements and it’s use case


Module 1 : CSS-lntroduction

  • Introduction of CSS.
  • Benefits, History of CSS.

Module 2: CSS-Syntax

  • CSS Syntax
  • Different ways to add CSS

Module 3: CSS-Selectors and Specificity

  • Types of selectors
  • CSS specificity

Module 4: CSS – Types of CSS properties :

  • CSS – Background
  • CSS – Border
  • CSS – Padding
  • CSS – Text Fonts
  • CSS – List
  • CSS -Display and Positioning
  • Other types of CSS Property

Module 5: CSS -Box Model

  • Introduction to Box Model

What is JavaScript

1. General overview of JavaScript

  • Prerequisite of Javascript
  • Introduction and history of Javascript
  • How to include/add JavaScript in HTML?

JavaScript Core

1. Syntax, Variables, Values, Data Types

  • Syntax review
  • Variable declaration
  • Data types supported in Javascript
  • Key Difference between Var, Let, and Const

2. Expressions and Operators

  • What are Operators in JavaScript?
  • Different types of Operators in Javascript

3. Control structures

  • Flow control and conditionals
  • Loops and iteration.
  • Jumps

5. Data types with methods supported

  • String
  • Numbers
  • Arrays
  • Functions

6. Objects

  • Creating Object,
  • Properties,
  • Methods,
  • Build-in JavaScript objects.

7. ES6 Features

  • Arrow functions
  • Template literals
  • Destructuring assignment
  • Spread/rest operators

8. lterators and generators

  • Working with Iterators
  • Working with Generators

JavaScript in Browser

1. JavaScript in the Web browser

  • Embedding JavaScript in HTML Execution of JavaScript code.

2. Browser Object Model

  • Introduction to the browser object model
  • Different use cases of a browser object model

3. Document Object Model

  • Document structure/DOM tree,
  • HTML elements and attributes,
  • Creating, changing, and deleting nodes.

4. Handling Events

  • Types of events.
  • How to control events

5. Javascript Async

  • Javascript Callback
  • Promises
  • Async/Await


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