What Is Bootstrap And Advantages of Bootstrap in Web Development

What is Bootstrap & Advantages of Bootstrap in Web Development

Having a website is a prerequisite for every small and big business. But having stylish and efficient websites designed in a small time frame is the need of the hour. Due to this reason, User Interface (UI) designers and web designers choose to take up code reusability. With this, the same HTML code is used for website projects, saving time and effort. The proponents in such backdrop are the UI frameworks, and the key player amid this is Bootstrap. The varied advantages of Bootstrap make it one of the most popular among developers. Besides, it is an open-source toolkit that helps develop UI using CSS, HTML, and JS.

With so much popularity by its side, we decided to come up with a write-up on various advantages of Bootstrap in web development. But before we dig any further, let us get the basics right.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework designed to come up with mobile-friendly, responsive front-end web development. It consists of enormous versatile and reusable pieces of code written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. As a framework, fundamentals are already placed for responsive web development, and developers simply need to position the code in a premeditated grid system. Therefore, while coming up with a new website or application, Bootstrap is a boon because it waives off the burden of coding from scratch. You can efficiently blend its ready-made coding blocks, CSS-Less functionality, and cross-browser compatibility to save tedious hours of coding.

Due to this whole concept, web designing in a limited period is a reality. Besides, it is equipped with free tools, which helps build some common website interface components, thus adding to the adaptability of the framework.

We hope we cleared the doubt – what is Bootstrap used for? Now, let’s move ahead in the article and learn about the benefits of Bootstrap.

Top 10 Advantages of Bootstrap for Web Development

1. Easy initiation

Coding is a hurricane task for a person who is unbeknownst to web development. But the greatest use of Bootstrap in web development is it makes coding hassle-free. Bootstrap handles everything for you. Despite having no extensive knowledge of coding, one can design an enticing landing page using Bootstrap. The only criterion is to have moderate experience of CSS and HTML. Alongside this, the integration process of Bootstrap is easy on existing and newer websites. In your current CSS, you can incorporate diverse platforms, frameworks, elements of Bootstrap without any hassles.

2. Responsiveness

Statistics highlight over 6.4 billion smartphone users worldwide. This study infers smartphone penetration of over 80 percent. And the numbers do not stop here; in fact, they are rising rapidly. Due to this extensive demand, having a mobile-responsive website has become a prerequisite, and this task is a cakewalk with Bootstrap by your side. It has a fluid grid layout, which adapts as per the screen resolution.

3. Highly customizable

You can find an array of templates in Bootstrap. However, if you find them unappealing, you can concoct your customization using the CSS file. Besides, if you cannot spare time to start everything from scratch, you can blend the customization with the existing code and enhance the functionality. All this can be undertaken under the customization page.

4. Extremely user-centric

While creating landing pages, it is very important to design from the user’s point of view. If a landing page is engaging, only then does it appeal to the audience. One of the prominent advantages of Bootstrap is you can design landing pages complementing the audience’s requirements. It comes up with suggestions regarding elements like photos, Call-to-actions (CTA) that look best for your audience and enhance user experience. Moreover, it helps in making easy edits to the landing page elements for reaching out to more audiences. 

5. Top-notch support

When using Bootstrap, the only requirement is basic knowledge of coding. However, as a newbie, you might come across an array of problems. It might lead to hesitancy when using Bootstrap. To overcome this problem, Bootstrap comes with a huge support community. Having a support community is a blessing in disguise when using any technology. You get answers to every query. You share the query, and the community will actively help in solving it. 

Besides, the creators are always on their toes updating Bootstrap to offer a better experience to the users. With this, you can always avail the best assistance in every circumstance.

6.Cross-browser compatibility

Every user is different, and so is their device. Along with the device, they use varied browsers too. Bootstrap is compatible with the latest versions of all modern browsers and platforms. One of the biggest advantages of using Bootstrap is compatibility across browsers. With Bootstrap by your side, heave a sigh of relief when it comes to displaying your landing page across multiple browsers. Its compatibility with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer makes it more versatile. 

7. JavaScript plugins to your rescue

To make the pages more interactive, one needs elements, like sliders, drop-down menus, tabs, etc. The hunt begins to find complementing plugins to include these elements. But with Bootstrap by your side, you can easily incorporate these components as numerous JavaScript plugins are bundled in the Bootstrap package. Also, adding these functionalities is easy as you just need to write a few lines of code and you are all set. Moreover, with the customization option, you have the liberty to choose particular plugins, helping to maintain minimize file size. 

8. Far-reaching popularity

The most crucial advantage of using Bootstrap is its widespread presence. A multinational and global company like Apple utilizes Bootstrap for its Apple Maps and Apple Music web apps. Not just this, but Dropbox, Coursera, and Airbnb have acknowledged the prowess of Bootstrap and are using it to maintain robustness.

9. Ample documentation

When using a framework, the support from the community is priceless, but some prefer referring to written notes. Fortunately, Bootstrap satiates this requirement by providing easy-to-read and efficient documentation on the Bootstrap website. The framework is easy, and the documentation makes it easier to work on UI designing.

10. Updates at the doorstep

Staying updated is the core of any technology. The same thumb rule applies to Bootstrap, which is fully attuned. Its core developers constantly keep the framework updated. They keep a close eye on future web requirements and make changes accordingly. Whenever there is a new update, Bootstrap considers the users to get hold of the latest and most advanced technology available in the industry.

So, these are some vital reasons to use Bootstrap for your web development projects. Apart from this, it offers a chaos-free ambiance and minimal coding, making it extremely easy for a newbie to utilize it. Choosing this framework will ease your life and complement all your requirements. Moreover, if you wish to learn it, then enroll in the best web development course in Pune for productive results.

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