Facts About Python Programming Language

Facts About Python Programming Language: Every Programmer Should Know

Initiated and released by Guido van Rossum in 1991, Python has proved to be a silver lining for a programmer. From building games, online tools to websites, Python is evident in every sector. Why not; because it is simple, has familiar characters and words, making it easy for humans to comprehend. Writing a complicated program is a cakewalk in Python because of an array of collections and libraries.

Despite all this, there are some interesting facts about the Python programming language.

Want to know what they are, then let’s unearth.

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Interesting Facts About Python Programming Language

1. Created as a hobby project

Python was initiated never to yield returns as a commercial project because it was the creator’s Guido van Rossum’s hobby project. He was looking for an interesting activity to spend his Christmas, and that’s when Python struck. In the past, he had helped create the ABC programming language and was anyways drawn to its features. Thus, he took the help of the syntax of ABC, features, made some changes, and created a scripting language free of flaws.

2. Naming of Python

Though Python is the type of a snake, it is nowhere near it. The nomenclature of Python derives from a British comedy series called “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” because it was the favorite series of Guido Van Rossum. He found it unique and short, which urged him to name the language likewise.

3. Python dates way back to Java

Python programming language has grown considerably in the past years. Many feel that Java is older than Python, but it is the other way around. As mentioned above, Python was initiated in 1991, whereas Java was in 1995. This distinction highlights that Python is older than Java and holds equal importance for a bright future.

4. Python is fast as lightning

Many have a delusion that Python is slow. Ever wondered why companies like Instagram, NASA, or IBM favor the language? If such huge companies are using Python for their extensive implementation, why not small-scale industries use it? Yes, it is slow as compared to Java or C++ because they are compiled, and Python is scripted. However, it is as efficient as any other language. One of the pivotal Python language facts is that the speed doesn’t affect its efficacy and continues to rule the roost in the world of programming languages.

5. Variations of Python

One interesting thing you didn’t know about Python is its variants. They are used for varied applications and cases, like:

  • CPython – This is commonly used in Python language, written in C and Python.
  • Jython – Written in Java, so it runs on the Java platform.
  • IronPython – Though written and implemented in C#, it also extends to .NET Framework and Mono.
  • Brython – Python for the browser runs in the browser.
  • RubyPython – This is a novel medium between the interpreters of Python and Ruby.
  • PyPy – This is home ground as it is implemented in Python.
  • MicroPython – This variant runs on a microcontroller.

6. Python is a free resource

Despite having the largest communities across the globe, Python boasts no proprietary license whatsoever. There is no control over who uses the language. One of the most vital Python course in Pune facts for beginners is that this language is open-source by every means. The Python community wholeheartedly contributes to the betterment of the Python ecosystem, which is further accessed by one and all.

7. A poem on Python

“The Zen of Python” is a poem comprising of 19 “guiding principles.” Computer programs are written based on it. Penned by software engineer Tim Peters, these principles impact the Python language’s design. You can ably read the poem by writing IMPORT THIS in the interpreter, but we are anyways listing the poem below:

Beautiful is better than ugly.
Explicit is better than implicit.
Simple is better than complex.
Complex is better than complicated.
Flat is better than nested.
Sparse is better than dense.
Readability counts.
Special cases aren’t special enough to break the rules.
Although practicality beats purity.
Errors should never pass silently.
Unless explicitly silenced.
In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.
There should be one– and preferably only one –obvious way to do it.
Although that way may not be obvious at first unless you’re Dutch.
Now is better than never.
Although never is often better than right now.
If the implementation is hard to explain, it’s a bad idea.
If the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a good idea.
Namespaces are one honking great idea — let’s do more of those!

8. Python allows a chain of comparison

In other languages, programming a chain of comparison operators is next to impossible. However, Python stands as an exception in offering multiple comparisons at once. One of the interesting Python coding language facts is that a programmer can ably check varied conditions simultaneously. Besides, you don’t have to follow a pattern or order of operators. They can be chained randomly.

9. Python overtakes the French language

Well, there is no relevance between Python and French, but there is a comparison. According to a survey, Python is popular in primary schools than the French language. Its popularity is so that it is taught more in primary schools. Besides, stats highlighted that 6 out of 10 parents preferred Python over French. Indeed, the most interesting facts about Python language.

10. No need for a compiler in Python

When other programming languages need a compiler, Python doesn’t; because of its reliability on an interpreter. The code of Python is stored in a .pyc file, which is a dynamic engine for Python. Due to this file, the requirements of having a compiler gets eliminated.

We hope this article sums up interesting facts about the Python language. With a user-friendly environment, Python is evident in many applications. It infers that Python has the scope of yielding high results. With a user-friendly coding environment, Python’s popularity is growing among developers. Instead, it is becoming a one-stop choice for students to carve a successful career. If you are also one of them, choose the best Python training in Pune to gain maximum knowledge.

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