React Developer Skills

React Developer Skills That Are A Must

To master anything in life, you need three things – determination, discipline, and the right set of skills. The technology we are going to focus on today is one that is taking the business to newer heights. From the big names to the newly-launched firms, everyone is climbing the ladder of success on the back of ReactJS.

Created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, React is an open-source, component-based, front-end library that utilizes JavaScript’s capabilities to the fullest for building User Interfaces. It also allows us to create reusable UI components. The library is essentially created for building fast and interactive user interfaces for both website and mobile applications, and for expertly handling the view layer for the same.

More than 1,300 developers and over 94,000 sites utilize ReactJS. Its simplicity, scalability & flexibility urges aspiring developers to pursue it relentlessly. Some of the most renowned companies that rely on it are Netflix, Airbnb, Instagram, Facebook, PayPal, Uber, & more. ReactJS is designed to help improve the total rendered pages from the website server. ReactJS helps to prevent updating of DOM, it means that the apps will be faster and deliver better UX.

So, what does a React Developer do? To put it briefly, he or she uses ReactJS to create features for websites and apps. They are the ‘front-end developers’ who are responsible for everything that users see. If you want to be a part of the ReactJS revolution and contribute to its evolution, this blog will help you get started. Here are the key React Developer skills that have to be placed before entering the ReactJS realm-

5 Essential React Web Developer Skills

1. HTML & CSS:

HTML and CSS are two of the most basic ReactJS Developer skills – your front-end coding journey cannot begin without them. HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) is what defines the web page structures. It is a mark-up language that is used for developing web applications. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a language that can help make web pages look more presentable. Before you aim to take on React, make sure that you are fluent in these two languages, and know how to write the basic HTML tags and CSS codes.

2. JSX & Babel:

JavaScript XML (JSX) helps you write and add HTML codes in React with zero hassles. It is more like an extension of the JavaScript language syntax. Basically, JSX extends the ECMAScript to incorporate the XML / HTML along with JavaScript code. Babel is essentially a compiler that changes HTML code found in JavaScript files into standard JavaScript objects. It is an important skill to have if you are making complex web applications. Hence, an in-depth understanding of JSX & Babel is critical to learning ReactJS.

3. JavaScript & ES6:

JavaScript is the key to making websites more fluid and engaging. Previously, it was merely a scripting language that was used to add dynamic content on a webpage. The arrival of Nodejs made it more significant. It can now be used in server-side development as well. You need to have a good hold over the fundamentals of JavaScript if you wish to see success with React. You can start with JavaScript variables, number, boolean, string, and then move on to the more complex versions of ECMAScript5 and ECMAScript6.

4. Package Manager:

If you aspire to work on complex web development projects using React, it’s important to have a good knowledge of Package Manager. Why? React projects require you to install multiple software packages that contain all the files needed for a module. NPM (Node Package Manager) is an installer that can help you to download, install and keep track of these packages easily without worrying about the dependencies. Good knowledge of the NPM registry can help you keep track of the file that has been submitted and how to install packages using it.

5. Version Control:

This is a skill that comes in handy when sharing and storing projects on various code hosting platforms. These platforms will help you work closely with other developers, helping you stay in sync with them, especially if you are working remotely. Knowing how they work can make your journey to mastering React easier. Familiarise yourself with the commands of Version Control such as push, pull, add, commit, and other vital ones to sail through the many project processes.

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Benefits of Mastering React:

  • React assures rapid development, which is why it is a blessing for a developer.
  • React heavily relies on the resources and support from Facebook.
  • Apart from Facebook, React has huge community support.
  • Coding in React strengthens your JavaScript knowledge.
  • A golden opportunity to get trained under the best industry experts.

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