What Does An Angular Developer Do

What Does An Angular Developer Do?

Building dynamic web apps is an easier task with Angular. It is one of the top JavaScript frameworks to design apps at a faster pace and infuse them with efficiency. Angular is equipped with an array of technical advantages, which is why it is preferred by one and all. The reason is varied ready-to-use solutions, efficacious data collection, and storage systems. All these reasons sum up the prowess of Angular and the reason for its usage in large websites. Despite these clarifications, what does Angular developer do?  

To gain crucial information about an Angular developer, we have come up with a detailed guide. We hope this helps you while making a career choice in Angular.

Career Opportunities for Angular

What is an Angular developer?

Angular plays a pivotal role in the AngularJS framework. Designed by Google, it was initiated in 2012. With its array of features, it became more popular than its other counterparts did. Amid this, a professional who specializes in Angular framework and is an expert in designing single-page applications is an Angular Developer. Alongside this, they are maestros in JavaScript programming and software engineering.

Their primary role of operation revolves around the software’s client-side, and their responsibility is to craft a User Interface service for websites and mobile applications.

Why should one opt for a career in Angular development?

1. Cross-platform independence

When it comes to cross-platform development, Angular wins accolades. With this feature, why focus only on desktop, web, or mobile application development when you can gain power on all! Besides, this digital era craves the usage of the web from many devices, right from mobile phones to laptops. To complement these devices, it is mandatory to design web applications that are adjustable on varied devices. Interestingly, Angular boasts all these capabilities.   

2. Support from Google

The best part about Angular is the backing from bigwig like Google. Several maestros of Google extend their valuable support to various Angular projects, thus, making it popular and a favorite among many developers. Above all, the developers of Google provide long-term support for Angular, adding to its recognition.

3. High earning

Angular developers’ salary is favorable whether you are in India or any part of the world. As per stats, the average Angular developer salary in India goes up to ₹ 800,000 per year, wherein the entry-level positions start at ₹ 500,000 per year. Besides, experienced employees earn up to ₹ 1,440,000 per year.

Moreover, when it comes to a global level, Angular developers’ average salary in countries like the US, Australia, Western Europe, and Israel is the maximum. Entry-level employees earn up to $97,500 per year on average, mid-level Angular developers’ salary goes up to $112,000, and senior experts earn approximately $139,000.

4. Diverse skill sets

Demand for Angular developers is high because they tend to have diverse skill sets. Amid this, JavaScript frameworks are the most popular, and Angular developers dominate this arena and its concepts. Moreover, flaunting knowledge of JavaScript libraries is like having an additional perk in this competitive market.

5. Exhilarating speed and performance

Angular is equipped with diverse capabilities like routers, template syntax, etc., adding to the comfort of a programmer. These features also help in loading the application swiftly and quickly. The framework is compatible with various types of back-end programming languages. They help in displaying the gathered data in the UI efficiently.

6. Popularity among bigwigs  

Several companies have acknowledged the prowess of Angular, which is why it is implemented by many.

Some of the popular companies are,

  • Wipro
  • IBM
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Capgemini
  • Elance

These companies have flourished, and they are a great example that highlights the capability of Angular.

How to become an Angular developer?

If you wish to become a genius, then it is necessary to complement Angular developer requirements. Let us explore the list.

1. Educational qualification

An aspirant with good knowledge in programming and coding can carve a successful career in Angular. However, if we decide to circle down the educational qualifications, then a graduate with an engineering or technology degree has a great way to succeed. Besides, in India, qualifications like B. Tech, M. Tech, B. E, MCA, BCA are some of the relevant degrees that ring in a lucrative career using Angular.

2. Strengthen the fundamentals of Angular

Before diving into Angular, it is advisable to strengthen Angular fundamentals. Without strengthening the foundation, you cannot build a sturdy house. Angular is a framework equipped with tools to build a web app. Angular CLI, Routes Guards, Dependency Injection (DI) are some of the pivotal tools one needs to know.

3. Start practicing by designing a project

Start browsing and select a project that inspires you. Furthermore, to strengthen your skills, it is best to constantly practice. Start by brainstorming and evaluating the steps needed to write the code. Chalk out the angular components you will need, dependencies, services, etc. Now implement the basics you learned and start designing the code.

4. Ask for honest feedback

The best way to excel as an Angular developer is to constantly ask for feedback. With the reviews, you get enough room for improvement. You get to know about your strengths and weakness while learning some advanced technicalities. Amid this, if you wish to get a real feel of the IT world, get your code reviewed by the Angular community. After all, in the real world, your code is going to be reviewed by senior developers. With this, you will get to taste the market in the competitive world. 

5. Repeat, learn, repeat

To complement all Angular Developer skills, it is best to keep repeating tasks unless you master them. Continue repeating all vital components until you become confident. Once you build a strong foundation, you can always come up with a portfolio to showcase your talent. In addition, it will help in bagging a job in a reputed company.

What is the career path for Angular?

The career path for Angular is bright, as listed above. Some of the key designations for Angular professionals in the industry are,

  • JavaScript developer
  • Web developer
  • MVC web developer
  • Web app developer
  • UI developer
  • UX developer
  • Front-end developer

So, this information highlights the potential of learning Angular. Besides, this guide also reflects how the salary structure of Angular is fruitful for aspirants. Therefore, if you are yearning to learn this skill without hesitation, take up an Angular developer course. With this course, get ready to bag a lucrative career. Alongside this, if you are searching for AngularJS classes in Pune, then you have come to the right place.

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