Difference Between Core Java and Advanced Java

The Difference Between Core Java vs Advanced Java

Did you know the reason why you can ably play online games or operate social media applications with finesse? All thanks to the efficiency of the Java language that has become dominant in all sectors of the market. Being a cross-platform, object-oriented programming language, it is free and can run on any platform. Thus, making it a one-stop choice for students to learn this language. Besides, it is popular amongst the veterans who are now broadening their knowledge by taking up Java courses in Pune.

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So, when we are talking about Java, then it is imperative to focus on Core Java and Advanced Java. And if you are going to dig any further, then you must get associated with a comparison between Core Java vs Advanced Java.

So, what are these concepts? Let’s know more.

What is Core Java & Advanced Java?

What is Core Java 

Core Java is the part of the Java programming language used to create and develop general-purpose applications. Though it is a standalone application, yet without Core Java, no one can jump to advanced applications. Above all, Core Java covers object-oriented programming concepts out of which the prominent OOP support is – abstraction, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism.

What is Advanced Java 

As the name suggests, Advanced Java is one level ahead of Core Java despite being a part of Java programming language. It primarily consists of advanced concepts like data accessing and web technologies. Thus, making it more efficient to develop mobile and online applications. All-in-all, Advanced Java is all about dealing with server-side applications.

So, now that your basic terminologies are clear. Then let’s move ahead on emphasizing the differences between Core Java vs Advanced Java.

Difference Between Core Java vs Advanced Java Programming Language

Taking up a course in either Core Java and Advanced Java might become confusing. Therefore, we have jotted down the Core Java vs Advanced Java difference.

Core Java vs Advanced Java Core Java Advanced Java
Definition Core Java primarily covers the fundamental concepts of the Java programming language. Advanced Java covers all the advanced concepts of Java.
Scope The scope of Core Java is in developing general applications. The scope of Advanced Java is in developing enterprise applications.
Version or Edition of Java Core Java consists of Java Standard Edition (J2SE). Advanced Java consists of Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE).
Topics covered Threading, Swing, OOP, Data types, operators, exception handling, etc. Web services, Servlets, JSP, Database connectivity, EJB, etc.
Architecture Core Java uses a single-tier architecture which is why it is called a standalone. Advanced Java uses a two-tier architecture that consists of the client-side and the server-side.
Expertise Core Java is a prerequisite while developing advanced Java applications. Advanced Java’s reach is limited to particular specialization like database, networking, etc.

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