Uses of Python Programming Language

What Are The Uses of Python Programming Language?

As the name indicates, Python is an interpreted, high-level and general-purpose programming language. Before we dive deep into the Python uses in industry, let’s do a quick review on what the program is, its history and what sets it apart from the other programs! Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991, Python’s is designed to promote code readability. Any programmer with significant experience in any programming language can pick up Python quite quickly. Even beginners try their hand at it and get hooked to its features, mastering it within a matter of a few months! How so? Python is simple, straightforward and versatile. These features make it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects, from simple web applications to operating systems. As its easy-to-learn syntax promotes readability, the cost of program maintenance is reduced to an impressive extent as well.

Finally coming back to the question of the hour – what is python used for? Let’s study each of the primary uses of Python Programming – in the real-world, businesses, or for development – a little more in detail!

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Top 8 Uses of Python Programming Language 

1. Operating Systems:

Yes, the good old Python can be used to build an entire operating system, right from the foundation to the finish! How does Python manage to manage such massive projects? All the credit goes to its object-oriented design. Building an operating system based solely on Python is not the norm but, as a beginner, a developer must know that it’s very much possible. The cherry on the top? Python is compatible with all of the operation systems, meaning that it can help you build native applications for both Windows and Mac computers. The programming language happens to be a preferred one among today’s software developers.

2. Web Development:

When it comes to website development projects of a grander scale, Python’s reputation precedes it. Renowned websites and platforms like YouTube and Google rely on Python, and only Python for their critical infrastructure. Python-based web frameworks like Django are often used to smooth the process of handling backend or server-side functionality. Its versatility allows it to build sophisticated websites that tick the functional boxes as well. These facts are what make Python an easy pick for the developers.

3. Artificial Intelligence:

The world as we know it is slowly but steadily placing all its bets on the grand concept of AI! But, underneath the fluff what is AI truly? Peel off the layers and you’ll find that it all boils down to complex algorithms, codes, and simple logic. The top-notch technology tools that are helping us take AI to newer levels of excellence are all born from Python. The best example of this is Scikit-Learn, an impressive machine learning library. Sklearn makes the process of building everything from classifiers to regression models orders of magnitude much simpler.

4. Business and Startups:

Python has worked wonders for multiple small-sized startups as well, and is well on its way to being the first choice for their tech requirements! The reason is as simple as the programming language itself. It is straightforward in nature in the sense that It’s easy to learn, work with and manage. It’s one of the simplest languages to master. With Cyber Success, even more so! If you are a beginner, look no further, start your programming journey with us and familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of Python.

5. FinTech:

The FinTech world is also accepting Python will open arms – its multiple applications in the industry are being focused on, now more than ever. Python’s potential with applications like data regulation, analytics, risk management, and quantitative rate problems are what makes it irreplaceable. There are other multiple Python tools that rule the finance realm – SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, Cython, Scikit-learn, PyTables, to name a few.

6. Desktop Applications:

Desktop applications with a GUI are also a fine product of Python. Easy-to-use GUI desktop applications can be created swiftly with the tools available in the Python Standard Library. You can code one entirely with Python. The fact that popular applications such as Dropbox and BitTorrent are mostly written in Python, makes it a trusted language in the field of software engineering.

7. Mobile Applications:

Mobile application development wasn’t Python cup of tea initially. But, as the world of tech evolved, so did Python. It adapted with every new trend and technology, making itself useful no matter how strong the wave of change was. Today, mobile app developers prefer Python above all else. Outstanding applications like Instagram are mainly written in Python – a testament to its strong capabilities!

8. Game Development:

Python not only helps us walk the path of innovation but also makes this journey entertaining! It plays a vital role in the development of interactive games. Disney’s Toontown Online, Civilization-IV, Vega Strike have all been built using Python. There are libraries that provide functionality and a library for game development – PySoy, for example!

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