Java Vs Javascript

Java vs JavaScript: Differences You Should Know!

Many technical, as well as non-technical geeks, get confused between Java and JavaScript. But many are unaware that despite having ‘Java,’ common in their names, yet both these programming languages are different. Each has its own set of strengths and expertise, thus making it Java vs JavaScript. They sound related but stand different. And that’s why we decided to jot down the difference between Java and JavaScript. So, let’s see what they are!

The Difference Between Java Vs JavaScript

Let’s see in this war of Java vs JavaScript which is better?

Basic concept

Java: Java was invented by James Gosling and Sun Microsystems develop it. Java is an object-oriented programming language as well as a standalone language that is executed in JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Thus, helping you create programs that are run on every platform.

JavaScript: As the name suggests, JavaScript is a scripting language that helps in making interactive web pages. Moreover, JavaScript can blend with any other language amid different types of web applications.


Java: The applications designed using Java, run on JVM which is why it is imperative to install the Java Development Kit (JDK), and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your system.

JavaScript: On the other hand, JavaScript applications run on the web browser which is why it doesn’t need any initial setups or installations.


Java: The syntaxes used in Java are very similar to C and C++ programming. Most importantly, Java revolves around classes and objects.

JavaScript: The syntaxes used in JavaScript are quite similar to C programming. However, the naming conventions used are similar to Java programming.


Java: Java’s availability is extensive and being an independent language, it can run on every platform. But Java uses more memory.

JavaScript: Because of its dependency on CSS and HTML, its usage is limited to web browsers, and its reach is not global. But when it comes to memory usage in Java vs JavaScript, then JavaScript is a winner because it is used on web pages.


Java: Java is supported by almost every operating system.

JavaScript: JavaScript is supported by almost every web browser.

Creating mobile applications

Java: In this Java vs JavaScript for mobile app development war; it is important to note that the older version of mobile applications is mostly written in Java. Especially smartphones having Android platform support Java.

JavaScript: JavaScript can be used to develop mobile applications but there are certain limitations wherein you have to introduce third-party apps.

Type of objects used

Java: The objects used in Java are class-based. So, if you wish to create a program in Java then you have to develop a class.

JavaScript: On the other hand, in JavaScript, the objects are based on a prototype.

Overall application

Java: The usage of Java is vast. It is used for designing android apps, banking, desktop applications, and much more. Additionally, Java is mainly used for server-side applications.

JavaScript: But in the Java vs JavaScript war, the usage of JavaScript is limited. It is primarily used to make interactive web pages or design animation in HTML. Furthermore, it is used for developing client-side functions.


Java: Multithreading is meant to reduce execution time as it executes one part of the program simultaneously.
Java supports multithreading.
JavaScript: JavaScript doesn’t support multithreading as the interpreter used inside the browser is single-threaded.

Compilation procedure

Java: Being a programming language, all Java programs are compiled as well as interpreted.

JavaScript: On the other hand, all browsers boast of JavaScript interpreters which is why it permits you to execute JavaScript code easily.

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