How To Become A UI Developer

A Complete Guide: How to Become a UI Developer

Ever wondered why some websites look so attractive and aesthetic? It’s because they have beautiful interfaces that amplify the elegance of the website. And this whole process is known as User Interface or UI. And the person who handles these tasks is known as a UI developer. One of the key UI developer skills is to focus on style, and create graphical interfaces that add to user-friendliness. But the question arises, how to become a UI Developer? To tackle this query, we have come up with a complete guide on UI development to ensure that you get every minute detail.

What Is UI Development & Developer?

As mentioned above, UI stands for User Interface. It revolves around the graphic part of the application. It focuses on how to make an application’s interface more attractive and visually appealing. And a person who handles all these responsibilities is known as a UI developer. If you head to any website, the colors, layouts, shapes of the button, line width, fonts, etc., are the parameters decided by the UI developer.

A UI developer deciphers software design ideas into reality using front-end technology. The UI developer is well-versed with the intricacies of user interface design solutions, further transforming them into the software. But not every person can become a UI developer as you need some skill sets to excel in this field. Let’s find out how to become a UI developer with the right skills?

Important UI Developer Skills

Fluency in front-end web development languages
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the prominent front-end web development languages. In-depth knowledge of these languages is like the cherry on the top because each language holds importance. If HTML forms the structure of the website, then CSS looks after the styling. And both these technologies help in building basic websites. However, making them interactive is equally imperative, and that’s when JavaScript steps in.

1. Proficiency in frameworks

Building any website from scratch is time-consuming and tedious. Instead, if a UI developer knows various frameworks, the task becomes easy. Besides, we have already mentioned above how JavaScript helps. So, knowing its frameworks like Angular, Ember, or ReactJS is welcoming. They truly, in every sense, give you a jumpstart to speed up tasks. Alongside this, front-end frameworks like Bootstrap are a boon for UI developers.

2. Knowledge about CSS Preprocessors

At times, when using CSS, a developer is forced to write repetitive code, which takes away ample time. Therefore, to speed up CSS coding, CSS Preprocessors come to the rescue. Stylus, SASS, or LESS are some of the prominent CSS preprocessors. They help in writing code in the preprocessor’s language. With this, the hurdles caused by old CSS are wiped out in minutes. The preprocessor converts the code to CSS, makes it well-formatted and cross-browser-friendly, ensuring it works on your website.

3. Art of responsiveness

Gone are the days when consumers used only desktops to view a website. There are around 4.66 billion active internet users, out of which 92.6 percent (4.32 billion) access the internet via mobile devices. These statistics highlight the prowess of mobile phones. It’s not about mobile phones alone, but consumers are choosing tablets too. Therefore, to make the application or website versatile, it is imperative to learn UI development with the basics of responsive designs. Adjusting the pages as per the user’s device forms the backdrop of responsiveness.

4. Upper hand in testing

Any software process you consider will have some bugs. And to find them out, software testing plays a pivotal role. In the same way, the UI developer’s code is also going to have some bugs. If you want to save your time and head in the right direction, it’s best to know about testing your code. Testing and debugging is one of the crucial technical skills that every UI developer should have!

5. Enhancing web performance

Imagine you create an exquisite website, but it performs poorly on the user’s end. The user will show no mercy and exit your website. Therefore, choose a UI developer course that teaches you various aspects of enhancing web performance like image optimization, eliminating unnecessary characters, and much more. And these tasks can be achieved with tools like Grunt. To become an efficient UI developer, ensure to know these functionalities.

6. Umpteen creativity

Software is one such field that evolves rapidly. To keep up with the latest trends, front-end developers must stay updated. Besides, their task revolves around the graphics and overall looks of the website, unlike backend developers. UI developer’s skills are visible, which is why they must be innovative to come up with novel solutions. Alongside this, they should be intuitive and exhibit readiness to learn new things.

7. Values of teamwork

It doesn’t matter whether you handle tasks single-handedly, but you will have to maintain continuous communication with the client and project management team. Therefore, one key aspect of how to become a successful UI developer is to practice teamwork. You will have to journey through various phases like supporting team members, collaborative tasks, asking opinions, enhancing the workflow, and finally delivering the product. Without teamwork, this isn’t possible, right? So, stay attuned with all your team members for easy and productive results.

So, these were some tips for becoming a successful UI developer. But before we wind up, let’s dive into the scope of UI development.

Scope of UI Developer

As a UI developer, you will be able to showcase your creativity to the core. Besides, with the UI development course, you will gain knowledge about visual designing, the color palette, typography, icons, and much more. Websites, apps, and software are not diminishing for sure. Instead, they play a crucial role for companies, and beautifying them is the job of a UI developer.

With UI development skills, you can ably deliver a competitive edge to your company or client. You will be a source to define the brand and help communicate the brand with their customers. Most importantly, UI designers are ubiquitous in all sectors, be it banking, healthcare, or eCommerce. Along with demand, this field offers flexibility. After pursuing the best UI development course, you can either work as a full-time employee, freelance, or opt for remote working. You can apply your knowledge in any sector despite geographical limitations. You can strengthen your teamwork by working with various members, like UX designers, content writers, or even owners.

Most importantly, the UI Developer’s salary is quite attractive. As per statistics, the average UI developer’s salary in India is ₹ 900,000 per year or ₹ 462 per hour. Further, the salary structure of entry-level developers starts from ₹ 507,072 per year, and experienced can make up to ₹ 1,800,000 per year. Thus, the stats conclude that UI developers have a groundbreaking opportunity to grow and flourish.

So, this was all about UI development, and we tried covering all its aspects. However, if any doubts persist, you must choose a UI development course in Pune. If you are wondering how to get started? We got your back!

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