How to Become a Good Java Developer

Mistakes to Avoid While Learning Java: How to Become a Good Java Developer?

We all make mistakes and it is natural. After all, we are humans! However, learning from your mistakes is equally important. And the same rule applies in the world of programming. If programmers are making mistakes, then it means that they are getting more room for improvement. And a Java programmer is no different. They also commit blunders and that’s why we are compiling a list of common Java mistakes

So, let’s see what they are.

10 Common Java Mistakes to Avoid for Java Developers

1.Learning without a goal

Learning without an objective is going to be a waste of time. And this can happen if you are unaware of your liking and interest. So, start questioning yourself.

  • Why do I need to learn Java?
  • Where I want to make use of Java?
  • Do I wish to create an Android app?

When you start finding answers, your vision will be clear!

2. Skipping the basics of Java

If you don’t want to entangle yourself in the vicious circle of common Java mistakes. Then you must start learning from the basics. Be it any language, understanding the basic concepts is the foundation of coding. Try and analyze that – why certain tasks are undertaken in programming, or how the code works, and so on. This basic knowledge will help you scale newer heights in the coming future.

3. Concentrating on theory than practical knowledge

Children do not speak English by reading books alone. They have to be taught in a practical way. They are made familiar with words. Similarly, the best way to learn Java is by diving into practical knowledge by coding over and over again. Yes, refer notes but have hands-on knowledge. The more you practice, it will become easier for you to grasp the concepts of Java.

4. Not asking for help from the community

The people who want to make it big in programming, mingle with their community. Yes, it is difficult for some beginners to interact but one must understand that this community is established to help everyone grow. So, in doubt speak up and don’t hesitate to ask help!

5. Lack of practice

If children don’t practice riding a bicycle every day, then how would they learn? Practicing every day is very important. If you trying coding just once or twice a week, then your success rate will be very low. Therefore, enrolling in Java training in Pune is beneficial but practicing alongside is a win-win situation. With this, your foundation will be intact and your future agenda will be clear.

6. Not testing the code/solutions

It’s a good thing that you have come up with a code. But testing is also important. Don’t be overconfident that it is going to at one go! Despite repeated changes, code does not materialize. And if problems keep piling up, then it is difficult to guess the source of errors. So, keep a tab on testing at every step.

7. Getting overwhelmed by error messages

One of the common Java developer mistakes is that getting too emotional when an error message pops up. Mistakes happen but don’t let them demotivate you. Besides, error messages do not decide your worth as a programmer. It could be just a glitch in your code that is easily decipherable.

8. Not giving importance to a well-written code

As a beginner, you always think that “will my code work? Have I written it properly?” But in such a hasty situation, you tend to overlook the readability of your code. Furthermore, if you are working in a team and if your team is unable to read and understand, then that code holds no importance. So, optimize your code, thus making it easy for others to decrypt it.

9. Memorizing the code without understanding its meaning

Whenever we have any problem, the first thing we undertake is – Google. Yes, in the coding world, it’s good to refer Google for complex code. However, it’s imperative to understand the code and the logic behind it. You may memorize the code, but it’s impractical if you don’t understand its meaning. So, spare some time in comprehending the code. Test it again and again to understand its flow!

10. Comparing yourself with others

No two human beings are the same! They have a different intellectual and mental level. If one can write code within seconds then others might take time. But that doesn’t make anyone weak or strong. There’s always someone who will be a bit more efficient than you. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Besides, chalk out plans to develop and improve yourself.

Now you have learned about the common Java developer mistakes. However, to attain success, then the best way to learn Java is to opt for a Java course in Pune.

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