Best Way To Learn Angular

Things to Know Before Learning or Enrolling for Angular Training

It goes without doubt that Angular or AngularJS is one of the best JavaScript Framework. And if we are discussing advancements and efficiency, then this framework is the best performer. Powered by Google, this framework is helpful while creating modern interactive UI Web Apps. Because of this proficiency, Angular training in Pune has become prominent among students and professionals. Rather its popularity has opened new career opportunities for aspirants.

So, if you are planning to take up Angular classes in Pune, then do read our blog to gain more insights. This will help you in making a wise decision.

What to Know Before Learning Angular? 

1. Fair knowledge of HTML and CSS

The templates that are created in AngularJS are in the form of custom-built HTML. Therefore, it is imperative to know the various forms, tags, and many more concepts of HTML. Alongside this, while making appealing User Interface (UI) design, or even template, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) comes handy. Therefore, knowing these two factors turns productive while enrolling in Angular training in Pune.

2. Installing of Node.js and npm

When using Angular then having Node.js and Node Package Manager (npm) are important as they play a vital role in web development. Node.js helps in the authorization of client development and building tools. Whereas, npm helps in installing JavaScript libraries dependencies. So, the best way to learn Angular is to have these installed on your system.

3. Top notch Server Performance

One thing you should know is that the AngularJS framework supports caching as well as many other processes. This particular functionality helps in reducing the burden on the server CPUs. Further, helping in boosting their performances by responding to the API calls and serving the static files.

4.  Adapting to the basic concepts of Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Model-View-View model and Model-View-Controller are the architectural patterns that are included in the AngularJS framework. They are used to develop user interfaces and visual representation that is accepted by the user. Furthermore, they are a great help while simplifying complex web applications and designing a layout of a page. Thus, playing a vital role in the AngularJS framework.

 5. Angular CLI

If you have the thought – what to know before learning Angular? Then, revise about Angular CLI which stands for the command-line interface tool. Because it helps in developing various Angular apps. Further, helping in project creation, adding files, and undertaking varied development tasks. Not just this, but Angular CLI manages configuration as well as initialization of libraries. Thus, helping in the addition of services, components, etc., to an existing Angular application.

6. Mandatory to have JavaScript Support

If you disable JavaScript support which is available on laptops and computers as well as accesses your server. Then, users wouldn’t be able to access your apps or website. Furthermore, if you have many users, then the AngularJS framework is of no use to you! Therefore, urging you to opt for an HTML-based web because they do not persist such problems.

7. Boon for beginners but tough for traditional developers

The AngularJS framework is very easy thus making it familiar even for newbies who are foraying into website designing. Besides, it helps beginners to design stylish applications and high-functioning websites in no time. However, on the other side, it may be difficult for traditional developers to cope with the AngularJS framework especially if they do not know Model-View-Controller. Because it will take time for them to learn and if they are on a tight deadline, then it’s best to opt for another framework.

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Before concluding the article, let’s explore some FAQs about Angular classes in Pune.

Well, some might find the AngularJS framework a bit tricky. But it vouches for a great career leap. Its popularity has created a pool of opportunities for Angular Developers. Besides, the pay scale of a person with proficiency in AngularJS can go up to INR 4,31,030 per year in India.

Angular Training FAQs:

  • Why should you learn Angular?

AngularJS is an open-source technology and one of the most trending client-side platforms. Its popularity and functionality have made eminent companies use this technology in India as well as abroad. So, if you wish to work with huge brands like PayPal, Upwork, etc., then this is the time to enroll in AngularJS training in Pune with a placement facility.

  • How long does it take to learn Angular?

It all depends on how much time you are dedicating on learning and practicing as well as the module you are choosing. Instead get in touch on +91-9168665643, +91-9168665644 and we will guide you further.

  • Is it worth learning Angular in 2023?

There are so many prominent software development companies who are climbing the success and fortune ladder with AngularJS. Google, PayPal, UpWork, Netflix, Guardian, etc., are the live example of this success model. So, isn’t it worthwhile to learn? And if confusion continues to persist, then we are here to help you to the fullest!

  • How much does Angular training cost?

The cost of the course depends on the module you choose. So, we would insist you contact us on +91-9168665643+91-9168665644, or drop an email on