React JS New Features

React JS New Features: Every Developer Should Know!

When it comes to building web applications, one prominent name that pops up is React JS. One of the most flexible and efficient open-source JavaScript libraries, it is now maintained by Facebook. It helps immensely in rendering the front-ends of web apps to make them scalable and speedy. Also, it initiates the creation of huge web applications and operates efficaciously on user interfaces. Alongside this, there is an array of features of React JS.

So, without any further ado, let us explore some of the React JS features that make it unique.

Top 10 Features of React JS

1. Virtual DOM

Wondering how React JS can come up with scalable applications? The reason is Virtual DOM (Document Object Model). It helps in speeding up the app development process as well as acts like one-way data binding. Besides, whenever there are any edits in the web applications, the UI gets re-rendered in virtual DOM followed by comparing the new and old DOM representation.

As soon as the comparison concludes, the changes made are updated, and the rest remains the same. With this, the development of the app becomes faster, and memory wastage curtailed.

2. Declarative user interface

One of the React JS new features includes the creation of a dynamic and interactive user interface for the website as well as mobile applications. Due to this feature, the React code becomes more readable and user-friendly especially, to fix bugs.

As React JS flaunts the ability to develop engaging UIs, it also creates an effortless viewing system for each state in an application. All in all, the entire process is simplified to the core for developers.

3. JSX or JavaScript XML

No one would have thought that HTML could co-exist with JavaScript and that too in a single syntax. Yes, that’s possible, which is why JSX is one of the pivotal React JS features. JSX is the combination of JavaScript and XML while bearing a close resemblance to HTML.

It is an extension to describe the looks of web or mobile app UI. With JSX, it becomes an extremely hassle-free process for developers to build blocks. Most importantly, JSX makes it possible to write HTML structure and JavaScript code in one file. This process makes it simpler to debug and understand the code.

4. Component-based

In React, everything revolves around components. These components are aptly divided to view and create UIs. The best part about these components is their design with a specific logic. Furthermore, this logic is written in JavaScript instead of using templates. With this functionality, the data can be passed through the app while keeping the condition out of the DOM.

5. Data binding

When there are multiple data flows, then there are chances of clutters on websites. To avoid this situation, one of the prominent React JS features that come in handy is one-way data binding.

With this feature, the data flows in a unified direction. Besides, it doesn’t allow the developers to directly edit any property of the React JS components. Instead, they can modify using the callback function. These hassle-free processes and features make React JS ubiquitous.

6. Simplicity to the core

The JSX file is applied by React JS, which further executes the application. With this, the process gets simplified, whether it is about coding or UI development. Alongside this, it helps in understanding the code better. Most importantly, with a component-based approach, React JS makes it possible to reuse the code effectively.

7. Small in size

Aforementioned we have already highlighted that how React JS renders components that are required. This process helps in creating an astounding user experience and molding a high-performance app. But the most amazing React JS feature among the lot is the size.

Whatever apps you develop in React are small in size. Due to this size, they do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to performance. Besides, it also enhances the performance of the React apps developed using frameworks like Angular.

8. Pre-configured UI Components

The best factor of React is its open-source community of developers. There are an abundant collection of codes in the JS library, which the developer can refer to anytime. Interestingly, this library is equipped with an array of pre-configured UI components that helps in creating amazingly interactive apps.

While some components are paid, and some are free, but they prove to be helpful at every milestone. Alongside this, React JS flaunts a comprehensive toolkit with Bootstrap components, which primarily follows drag and drop. This feature is definitely a boon for the developers.

9. Mobile portability

The Digital era is incomplete without mobile phones and their applications. Today, the world runs on these apps and devices. Therefore, creating a mobile app for your business is equally important. Instead, creating an app is the same as creating a website.

In this arena, React JS comes to the rescue with React Native by Facebook. React Native is a framework based on the React library, which primarily helps in developing cross-platform apps. And the blend of React Native and React JS ensures the complete success of the business as it helps in creating apps and websites with intriguing UI experience across varied platforms.

10. Performance

One of the React JS features is its exhilarating performance. Because of virtual DOM, the web application operates at a lightning speed as compared to other frameworks. Besides, the division of complex UI into unique elements makes it easy to boost development time. Furthermore, it also helps multiple users to work on each element simultaneously.
So, these were some of the React JS latest features.

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