The Difference Between React JS vs React Native

The Difference Between React JS vs React Native

When it comes to app development, two popular technologies topping the list are React JS and React Native. Both have the same initiation story as Facebook launched them. With the same names, many get confused about the functionalities of both these technologies. Therefore, with this blog post, we are going to highlight React JS vs React Native. We will be covering the key differences between React JS vs React Native. So, let us get going.

React JS vs React Native: Which Is Better?

1. Definition for a clear understanding

  • What is React JS? It is a JavaScript library, which helps in developing the view layer of mobile and web applications. To make the structure of applications sturdy, React JS utilizes reusable components.
  • On the other hand, wondering what is React Native? It is an open-source framework developed to satiate mobile requirements. It plays a vital role in developing native mobile applications with reusable components.

2. USP of the technologies

  • One of the features of React JS is to infuse speed in the applications and website with the help of the Document Object Model (DOM). The reason being the components written in React JS turn into virtual DOM instead of physical DOM. With this, the performance experiences a boost.
  • When it comes to React Native benefits, its USP lies in generating platform-specific code for apps and websites. When building an app in React Native, it automatically notices the platform and generates an appropriate code for it.

3. Tools that eases tasks

  • Despite being a library, React JS boasts component-based architecture for the development arena. This tool helps in reusing the components and saves massive time. Besides, this framework organizes a range of large UI and transforms them into an independent arrangement.
  • The code available in React Native is JavaScript, helping front-end developers create top-notch applications in no time. This web development framework comes so handy that developers only need to know platform APIs, native user interface elements, and JavaScript. Despite lacking expansive knowledge, a developer can start with React Native; it’s that simple.

4. Distinctive features

  • When it comes to SEO, React JS acts as the knight in shining armor. With the help and ability of server-side rendering, React JS enhances the SEO of an application or web page. It helps in attracting organic traffic because the image and content are already rendered. Due to this, when a Google bot visits the server, it undertakes to cache and logging of content at an exhilarating rate. With this, the SEO strategy gets a boost, and the page-loading time minimizes.
  • On the other hand, among the React Native new features is the Hot Reloading. It helps optimize the development process, boosts the overall speed, and saves enormous time in the end-to-end development cycle. The development team gets the upper hand in automatically reloading a mobile application seamlessly. With this, you get the liberty to lift loading time and user experience.

5. Support for the seamless working environment

  • React JS flaunts an expansive community of developers. These developers are highly knowledgeable as they have created a massive system of IDEs, components, tools, component libraries, and so much more. There is a wide variety of third-party extensions that saves time and resources while pledging for smooth working. With features like these by your side, React JS ensures in shaping ground-breaking websites and applications.
  • On the other hand, when it comes to React JS vs React Native, the latter has Component UI libraries by its side. These libraries are a boon for developers to enjoy an effortless UI experience. Instead of building libraries from scratch, there are shared libraries like Expo, native base, etc. With this, your ample time is saved and can be utilized for ideation and innovation.

6. Applications backed by these technologies

  • Applications like Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, New York Times, WhatsApp, etc., are the prominent apps using React JS.
  • Applications like UberEats, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Facebook Ads Manager, Myntra, Discord, etc., are some of the famous apps built using React Native.

7. Possibility of animation

  • Animation is a factor that attracts visitors. When it comes to React JS, animation is possible. It uses CSS, just like implementing it for web development.
  • However, when it comes to React Native, it utilizes an animated API. Furthermore, this API ensures to induce animation across diverse components of the React Native application.

8. Usage in the real world

  • Above all, if you need to come up with a high-performing, responsive, and dynamic UI for the web interface, React JS is the only productive medium to ease your tasks.
  • On the other hand, if you wish to give a native feeling to your mobile applications, React Native is the best option.

Despite the tiff between React JS and React Native, these technologies are a boon for app developers. Despite some limitations, there is a constant evolution in their functioning and flexibility, thus favored by developers. Besides, they are also ideal for certain types of applications. If React JS is a JavaScript library, then React Native is an entire framework.

If React’s pros and cons are visible, so is the case of React Native. Both these technologies complement each other. Therefore, if you are confused about which course to opt for, do browse through this post. And if you are looking for the best React JS classes in Pune, we have a solution for you. So, keep reading.

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