An Ultimate Guide to Successful API Testing

An Ultimate Guide to Successful API Testing

While undertaking software testing, we often tend to skip API testing. The reason behind this skip is the difficulty to map the defects of network, integration, systems, and database. However, one should not let go of this exercise. Instead, API is imperative for the seamless performance and functioning of different data-driven applications. It is rising with each passing day because it verifies the dependency of apps on each other. Instead, it is important to shift focus to API Testing and make it a success.
With this focal point in mind, we have come up with API testing tips. Let’s see what they are!

Top 9 Tips for Successful API Testing

1. Acknowledge the purpose of API

One of the most vital tips for successful API testing is knowing the purpose of the API. Understand where the API is going to be utilized in a workflow, or what is the requirement, etc. These pointers are basic, but they have a far-reaching effect for wiping out the ambiguity. Most importantly, the person using the test other than you must know the intention of writing it.

2. Document every aspect

Documenting all the API testing requirements is the first thing one needs to implement. Recording integrations supported by the API, its functionalities, and features play a key role in the long run. Having such a document by your side makes it easy to strategize and plan the future API testing process.

3. Concentrate on smaller API Functions

Simple or APIs with minimal outputs can turn the tables around. They may prove a massive access point for other API. Besides, these smaller testing code helps in evaluating the expected output. They also prove fruitful when clubbing several successful API functions.

4. Jot down the expected output

Now that the requirements and documentation are in place, finalizing the expected output should be the next step. Amid this, many outputs may come out binary like pass or fail or may not have any output at all. Such a situation may get risky, but this exercise of jotting down the output helps in simplifying the process by showing a way to deal with a challenging or unseen output.

5. Initiating Automated Testing

Manual testing is indeed an extremely arduous task. No one finds it adventurous to write lengthy codes. In such a situation, automation testing always comes to the rescue to speed up the entire process. Not just this, but it is a boon for normal software testing activities.

6. Hire the best experts from the industry

Not necessary that a manual tester will be good at automation testing too. Besides, if equipped with heaps of work, you cannot expect them to let go of existing tasks. Instead, the best way is to hire a dedicated automation engineer to undertake and browse through API testing methods. It doesn’t matter if you wish to have dedicated manual testers or automated engineers; the crux of the story is to thoroughly utilize the API Automation Testing tool for smooth working. This point is one of the crucial factors in your API testing checklist.

7. Deploy security testing

Hackers are ubiquitous, and they are sound when it comes to identifying system loopholes. They quickly manage to exploit it. Instead of serving them open-handed, isn’t it best to concentrate on security testing? As a tester, it’s your responsibility to look for vulnerabilities like these. For that, conducting API security testing for securing the under-test application from malicious attacks is imperative. To simplify this process, create tests that call the API functions but do not emphasize security rights. With this API testing tip, the logic behind the security tests can be evaluated.

8. Signifying entry and exit points

It is indeed a good practice to outline the entry and exit points of single individual tests. Alongside this, mentioning the start and end of the testing process is like icing on the cake. All these small but crucial steps help in evaluating the API test. These guidelines further help in scheduling the forthcoming tests.

9. Run them regularly

Among the best API test actions, conducting API tests daily is productive. This helps in ensuring that API is well-equipped to be executed daily. Whenever you log in, you can quickly glance at the results of the tests and validate whether they are showing any outcome. Besides, if the tests fail, the outputs can be scanned and validated there and there.

Following these API testing tips, along with good API automation testing tools helps in uncovering all the tricks of API testing requirements. Further, it will also help in coming up with a more secured and quality application. However, if you still find yourself clueless and want to unravel more, learn API testing from an efficient institute.

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