Skills Required for Data Scientist

What are the Skills Required to Become a Data Scientist?

Data scientists are in huge demand at the enterprise level across all industries. It might be to refine the process of development of products, to improve customer retention, or to find business opportunities, organizations increasingly rely on data scientists to sustain and also outdo their competitors. Many students are now interested in making DataScience their career.

But many of them are confused as to what to learn for Data science and where to start. We provide data science training with python in Pune which teaches all the essential skills you require starting a career in data science.

The prerequisites you need to learn for entering data science are fundamentals like linear Algebra, Data structures including hashing, and also database basics. Learning Business intelligence and analytics also helps. A strong educational background should help to gain all the prerequisite skills required. Even though you had not learned, it is not the end of the road either!

Now we come to the main part of the skills required for Data Science.

1. Statistics

Statistics is crucial in the fundamental steps of Data Science as it provides many tools and techniques necessary for getting insights from data. The key concepts in statistics that you need to learn are the Description statistics meaning things like Mean, Median, Mode, etc and Other important concepts are related to Probability theory in which Bayes theorem, random variables are a must.

2. Programming languages

Expertise in programming languages is needed to implement the algorithms and work with them. Many languages like Java, C++, R, Python can be used for Data Science. But two of the most popular choices for data science is R and Python. While R is designed specifically for data science, python programming is a much more general language. We recommend Python programming language because of Python’s versatility and flexibility which enables it to be used efficiently and effectively in almost all the steps that are involved in the data science process. It can obtain data from various sources in various forms and also helps to visualize the data and apply machine learning algorithms to it which we will discuss later. Our Institute also provides data science with python training so that you will be able to leverage the power of python for data science.

3. Big data

Understanding the concept of Big data is very important as the data we study and analyze in Data Science is generally of large volumes that may exceed the memory of your system. You might also encounter a situation where you need to send a large amount of data to different servers, This is where technologies like Hadoop comes in. Apart from quickly conveying data to various points on a system, You can use it for many things like data exploration, filtration, sampling, and summarization.

Another big data technology that is becoming popular is the Apache spark. It is specifically designed science to help to run its algorithms faster and its fastness is an advantage over Hadoop. Apache spark also makes it possible for data scientists to prevent loss of data. So, based on your requirements, you might be required to know Hadoop or apache spark.

4. Data Visualization

Visualization is very important in data science Some things that are not directly understandable from arcane statistical data can be easily understood by a simple visualization. A Data Scientist needs to have good hands-on knowledge about visualization and there are many visualization techniques and tools available for you to do it.

5. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Understanding machine learning concepts like supervised machine learning, decision trees, deep learning, etc will help you to solve various data science problems with greater efficiency. It also helps you stand out from other people as much percentage of data science professionals are not good at machine learning. Machine learning can deliver insights that a normal human sometimes cannot.

That covered only the technical skills you require. But as a data scientist, you also need to have a lot of other skills including good communication, the skill of working well in a team, and others. By taking our best data science course in Pune with placement, you will get good knowledge in all the areas required and also job opportunities!