Python Programming Interview Questions

What Are The Top 10 Python Programming interview questions to be asked in 2023?

Python is getting more popular these days and so does the job opportunities in Python. And thus the more students are enrolling in Python classes in Pune. Every Job interview will assess whether the candidate’s abilities and knowledge will be suitable for the requirements of the organization or not. So, if you had applied for a job involving Python, your knowledge of Python will surely be tested and thus you need to prepare well.

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Our Python Training institute in Pune will make sure that you will get all the required knowledge and practice so that you can tackle the interviews well and land on a job. This is also a course with placements, which lessens the process of job searching for you. Here are some of the important questions that are generally asked around Python in an interview.

Q) What is the difference between List and Tuple in Python?


  • Lists are mutable while Tuples are immutable
  • Lists are slow while Tuples are fast
  • The Syntax for using List is list_name = [list_elements], The Syntax for using Tuple is tuple_name = (Tuple_elements)

Q) What is PEP 8?

Ans) PEP stands for Python Enhancement Proposal which is a set of coding standards and recommendations that aim to provide maximum readability to the code.

Q) What are Local and Global variables?

Ans) Variables that are declared within a function or in a local space is called Local Variable whereas the variables that are declared outside function or in global space is called Global Variable. Global variables are accessible by any function within the program but local variables are accessible only to the local function in which the variable is defined.

Q) What is __init__?

Ans) __init__ is a constructor for classes in Python. Similar to the constructors in C++ or Java,  they are called automatically when an object is created that is used to allocate memory. All classes will have __init__ method.

Q) What is a lambda function in Python?

Ans) Lambda functions are anonymous functions in Python. That is, their definition is not bound to an identifier They can have any number of parameters, but only one statement.

An example of its usage:

a = lambda x,y : x+y


The output for the above code would be 13

Q) What are documentation strings in Python?

Ans) Python Documentation string or simply docstring is a way of documenting Python functions, classes and modules. They are declared using a set of three single or double-quotes. We need to use the __doc__ attribute to get the docstring of a function.

Q) How does Python manage memory?

Ans) All objects and data structures in Python are located in private heap space. The programmer will not be given access to it and only Python’s memory manager deals with the allocation in this space. Python also includes a garbage collector that recycles all the unused space.

As you can see, the interview question can range from basic theoretical concepts to advanced and also involves programs. Along with a strong emphasis on developing programs, Our Python classes in Pune will also make sure that you are strong in theoretical aspects as well.

Q) What is a namespace in Python?

Ans) Namespace is a naming system, that is used to avoid naming conflicts. There are three kinds of namespaces, built-in namespaces, global namespaces, and private namespaces.

Q) Write a Python Program to check if a sequence is a palindrome or not.

Ans) a= input(“Enter the sequence”)


If a==b:



print(“Not a palindrome”)

Q) Write a Python Program to produce the pattern of a star triangle.

Ans)  def starpatrn(rows):

for(x in range(rows)):

print(‘ ‘ * (row-x-1)+’*’ * (2*x+1))


These are just a small portion of what might be asked in an interview. On the basis of job requirements, the interview questions could be general or aimed at a particular aspect. The key thing is to have knowledge and practice.

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