Reasons to Learn Python

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Python in 2023

What Are the Reasons To Learn Python in 2023?

First appeared in 1990, nearly thirty years ago, python is still a popular choice for programming for many organizations and developers. If you are not convinced that learning Python is useful to learn or just need another go at the reasons to learn, read on.

Top 10 Reasons To Learn Python Programming
Python’s simplicity still stands out

Python’s notable syntax with indentation defining a block instead of curly braces, its loose typing coupled with a lot of other features, makes python very simple to write and read code in. These features of simplicity together with elegance make python stand out within the group of other programming languages.

High Extensibility of Python

Python is built with extensibility in mind. That is, Python would have a small core language with a large library of modules coming with an easily extendible interpreter. Python can be easily extended with C/C++/Java and can be embedded in applications.

Python is Portable

Portability is a very important aspect in any high-level language. A Code written in python can run many platforms including Windows and most Unix-like systems. Python’s portability is almost the same as that of C due to its implementation of CPython. However with a java implementation — Jython developed, Python can be executed within the comfort of JVM.

Vast Community of python

A bustling community is a sign of life for a language. The community is a great source of knowledge where millions of developers around the globe help people at any level for their problems. It is also a source of great inspiration where people share their success stories with everyone.

Python is Highly useful for DataScience

Python is one of the most popular choices of programming languages for usage in DataScience applications. Python can be used in all phases of DataScience applications including data scraping, data visualization, and more. Some of the popular libraries and Frameworks of Python that are useful in DataScience include NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, and more

Python is a great choice for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Hugely popular libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn each provide powerful tools, making python a great choice for the implementation of machine learning where the computer learns for the data without explicitly being programmed. Python is also suitable for Artificial Intelligence as a whole because of the libraries like Keras.

High Usability of Python in Web Development

With libraries and frameworks like Django, Web2Py, Flask, Pyramid, CherryPy, etc, python is highly usable for Web development. These frameworks have a lot of features and help developers in writing stable code faster as they automate standard solutions. By doing this, Python can help you to just focus on the main application logic instead of worrying about in-depth details.

Python has numerous testing frameworks

Testing is an important and indispensable phase in every software project. Python has many inbuilt testing frameworks that greatly help in debugging the code. With Frameworks like PyTest and Robot, python can support cross-platform as well as cross-browser testing. One can also use Selenium and Splinter with Python.

Python is useful for building GUI

Tkinter is the standard Python GUI Library that helps developers to build graphical user interface applications. It is included with the Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows installations of Python. GUI toolkits like PyQt, wxPython, Kivy are also great.

Python developers are high in demand with great pay

With the reasons above and many others, Python’s popularity will be high and opportunities are plenty. Many leading companies employ people skillful in python with a high degree of pay. Python will enjoy this popularity for many years to come and this forms the crux of the reasons to learn python language.

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