Basics of Java Programming for Beginners

Things To Know About The Java Programming Language For Beginners!

Every program dreams of mastering every language that exists out there. Language, no matter in which form, is always a little tricky to master. It comes with its own world of complexities and intricacies. But, isn’t that the beauty of it? For the sake of a solid example, let’s take into account the ever-green, always-in-demand programming language of the web, Java! Over the years, it has gained popularity to an extent that almost all of us have come across the term at least once in our lifetime.

What is Java Programming Language? 

To put it as briefly and simply, Java is an object-oriented, write-once-run-anywhere, server-side programming language. Write once, run anywhere (WORA) was a 1995 slogan created by Sun Microsystems to highlight that Java is a general-purpose language that runs on any platform. It uses something called the Java Virtual Machine that allows Java applications to run anywhere.

What is Java Programming used for? 

Statistically speaking, Java never fails to impress. Here are a few numbers that’ll stand testimony to the fact that Java is a powerful programming language, and has rightfully won the spotlight in the world of development.

According to Oracle, the company that owns Java, Java runs on 3 billion devices worldwide. Many server-side applications are written in Java which processes tens of millions of requests per day. Almost all Fortune 500 companies use Java as their go-to computing program for application development and such. Functionally speaking, it is used to develop desktop and mobile apps, android apps, server apps, software tools, J2ME apps, embedded systems, big data processing, scientific applications, and the list goes on!

Basic things a beginner should know about Java Programming Language

Thankfully for every programmer who wishes to learn every trick in the book, Java is not difficult to master if you really put your mind to it. To get you started, here are few basic things that’ll accelerate this learning path for you-

1. The Drill Is Simple:

Learning Java is as easy as it gets, you simply have to want it enough. Some determination, some discipline, and the right course are all you need. To tell you a secret, it doesn’t even require complex math; all it requires is logic! To make your job easier, it also minimizes the use of special characters.

2. It’s Not Your Average Programming Language:

The programming language is highly versatile in the sense that you can write and compile a java application in Windows and then run it on Linux, Unix box, Mac, or even your mobile phone and it will still work wonders. It is popular for developing Android apps as it is known to execute faster with fewer bugs. The cherry on the cake? It is backward compatible with early versions. Without it, programs would have to be rewritten after every new release. One can simply imagine the amount of work and sanity that this task would take, every single time.

3. Java Is Omnipresent:

Being multifunctional in nature, Java serves more than one purpose. If you want to see Java in action, you are probably looking at it right now! Yes, your android apps and web applications are all in place and functioning flawlessly, thanks to Java! Since its inception, it has been well-associated with the web. Now, the same Java program can be used across multiple platforms – from Android apps and embedded systems to web applications for the healthcare sector, server apps for financial institutions, and E-commerce platforms as well.

4. Java Is Not JavaScript:

Contrary to what most people believe and most beginners wonder, Java has absolutely nothing to do with JavaScript. The contrast between the two is quite stark. So much so, that the two languages require different plug-ins to operate. JavaScript is a scripting language whereas Java is a programming language. This difference doesn’t change the fact that both languages occupy an important place in the web development world. All they have in common is ‘Java’. If you don’t know what to begin with, know that most programmers choose to learn Java first.

5. Old is Gold:

James Gosling of Sun Microsystems, along with his team, developed the first version in 1991. It was designed to run a variety of computer processors that controlled home appliances. Since then, the language has come a long way. As the world evolved, it beautifully adapted to serve a greater purpose. Today, it is far more powerful, versatile, and secure. Given its extensive existence of over 20 years, there is a boatload of information to help you not only understand it but to leverage, exploiting its potential to the maximum. If you look for it, you will find multiple code samples to help you with implementations, Java libraries, and a stable framework.

6. Newbie? Start With Java:

If you are fairly new to the world of development but possess the passion for programming, start with Java. Why? It has been around for a long time so there are a lot of great books, online resources that you can learn from. Java derives its syntax from C, and lots of other languages also derive their syntax from C, so if you learn Java, then learning a language like JavaScript, C#, or C++ is much easier. It is an object-oriented language, so a lot of the foundational concepts you learn inside of our Java course are transferable to other languages. What are you waiting for? Start today and start right with Cyber Success in Pune.

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