What Are The Features of the Java Programming Language

What Are The Features of the Java Programming Language?

Java is one of the oldest object-oriented programming languages, favored by one and all. In this world of programming, Java rules the roost as it is widely used in developing mobile apps, desktop GUI applications, cloud-based applications, or even gaming applications. It has opened a whole new horizon for well-paid jobs and a skyrocketing career. And the reason behind its popularity is the features of the Java programming language.

These features drive you through underlying concepts of programming and help you carve a successful career. Knowing them will help you gain the upper hand in this age of information. Therefore, with this blog, let’s browse through the basic features of the Java programming language.

Important Features of Java Programming Language

1. Simplicity is the key

Java is a very simple language and easy to learn. It complies with the features of languages like C and C++. At the same time, it eliminates all the complexities of these languages, like pointers. So, people with knowledge of C and C++ can easily grasp the nuances of Java.

2. Dependency on OOP features

Being an object-oriented programming language, Java adheres to OOP features. The object-oriented features of Java include abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.

3. Platform independence

Java follows the coding philosophy of “Write Once, Run Anywhere.” For seamless working, complementing software and hardware environments is imperative. But Java runs on any platform, Operating System, without making changes to the code.

4. Security parameters

When it comes to security measures, Java is preferred by many developers when choosing between C, C++, or even Python. With Java, developers can come up with virus-free systems. It runs amid a Java runtime environment with almost zero interaction with the OS, hence extending its security. Most importantly, the authentication parameters are based on public-key encryption.

5. Compliance with multitasking

Java is ‘multi-threaded,’ with which it supports ‘multitasking’ functionality. One can ably execute a myriad of jobs at the same time. Besides, it improves CPU, Main Memory Utilization, with which process completion takes lesser time.

6. Flexibility at the core

Java SE version 8 (JDK 8) has various functional programming features like interfaces and Lambda Expressions. With such special features of the Java programming language, they add to its flexibility.

7. Robustness like never before

The word robust means strong, and Java is a classic example of this feature as it handles automatic garbage collection, run-time errors, Exception Handling, and so much more. Alongside this, it helps the programmer to accept programming ways to create reliable applications.

8. Assurance of high performance

Among the key characteristics of Java architecture includes the curtailing of overheads during run-time. With the inclusion of multithreading, the execution speed of Java programs exhilarates, adding to high performance.

9. Community support

Java boasts of a large online community, which includes beginners, advanced, and experts. These participants ensure to extend support for any query. Also, there are a lot of resources shared in the community.

10. Umpteen dynamism

Tagged as more dynamic than its counterparts – C or C++, Java adapts to an ever-evolving environment. Most importantly, Java programs can ably carry an extensive amount of run-time information, helping to verify and resolve objects at run-time.

11. Multitude of open-source libraries

Open-source libraries are a boon as they can be copied, changed, shared, and so much more. Java also flaunts an array of open-source libraries like Maven, JHipster, Google Guava, Apache Commons, etc. These libraries make the whole process of Java development cheaper, easier, and faster.

12. Powerful development tools

Java flaunts an array of Integrated development environments (IDEs), providing amenities for software development to programmers. IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, etc., play a prominent role in the success story of Java. They help in syntax highlighting, debugging, code completion, language support making the whole process easy and fast.

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