Latest Trends In Software Testing in 2021

Stay Ahead Of The Curve: Latest Trends In Software Testing 2023

Every year brings its own wave of innovations; changing possibilities into a reality. As we evolve so do the technological advancements to better suit our needs and wants. As they say, modern problems require modern solutions. Much like every other year, the year 2023, despite the uncertain times, has welcomed new trends in every domain – from social media to automobiles to the coding world. Each new technological advancement has helped industries not only survive but thrive.

Keeping up with the latest trends and updates can help you leverage them and stand out from the crowd, especially if you belong to a competitive industry. To help you make the most of what 2023 has in store in terms of coding, we are going to explore some of the latest trends in software testing 2023 –

Top 10 Software Testing Trends

Automation Via Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:

One of the very first software testing recent trends is associated with AI & ML, and unsurprisingly so! With the rising popularity of apps and the heavy dependence on the internet, AI is set to be at the heart of every creative and technological process. It is estimated that by the year 2025, AI global investment will reach almost USD 200 billion. Almost every domain can avail the perks of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. With the help of analytics and reporting, Software testing teams can leverage Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their automated test strategies and keep pace with recurrent releases.

The Implementation Of IoT:

The terms IoT & technology go hand-in-hand. The Internet of Things facilitates the release of several new gadgets, and combinations for testing between protocols, devices, platforms, and OSs are countless. So far, very few companies are tempted by the idea of IoT. But, that is changing with every passing minute. The demand for performance, security, compatibility, usability and data integrity in the software testing field will ensure the rise of IoT & Big Data in this sector.

Automated Testing In Agile Teams:

A report by MarketsAndMarkets says, “the global test automation market size is anticipated to rise from USD 12.6 Billion in 2019 to USD 28.8 Billion by 2024 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 18.0 percent during the prediction period”. Automations are taking the world by storm, making it more efficient. Test automation provides high test coverage in every sprint and gives the superior quality and instant feedback and response that we look for when working in Agile. Organizations can save manpower, time, and cost if they integrate test automation into their QA processes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – A Must-have:

Software testing comprises a chain of processes, and processes mean multiple tedious tasks that humans get tired of. Hyper automation is a trend that is here to stay because of this reason, and this reason only. RPA systems interpret commands, trigger responses and perform a range of repetitive tasks. This model is highly flexible and cost-effective because it works well with the existing framework of organizations, saving them time and costs. The best part is that no code has to be written. This one is a tool formed by the blend of AI, RPA, ML, and intelligent business management software to reduce humans’ involvement in digital and physical tasks.

Codeless Automated Testing – Convenience At Its Best:

Codeless Automated testing is a trend that is set to be popular for some very simple reasons – easy to review, low learning curve, no strain on the resources and enhances the effectiveness of automation processes. The automated testing tools make it easier for software testing engineers to create test case scenarios with zero coding knowledge and reduce the time spent on recurring test cases. Codeless automated test tools will see active implementations across organizations this year.

Cybersecurity & Risk Compliance – Today’s Need:

68% of company leaders feel their cybersecurity threats are rising, and so spending on cybersecurity globally is going to hit USD 133.7 billion in the year 2022 (Gartner). With the technological revolutions and innovations, industries and organizations are flourishing. Consequently, the amount of significant data to be tracked and monitored is also on the rise. This makes security tests a top priority for industries that care about data flow and not including any holes, code errors, and leaks. Testing helps secure not only company transactions but also consumers’ data.

DevOps & Agile – The Perfect Combination:

Agile is a consistent process of development and testing; while the beauty of DevOps is well-known for the association of cross-departments. When paired together, DevOps & Agile can work wonders. This combination makes for smooth and swift deployment. It also helps create a strong link between developers and quality assurance engineers. Given that these two technologies contribute greatly to the development of top-quality products at a fast rate, organizations are now welcoming this enviable combination on board.

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