Top 12 Angular Features You Must Know

Angular Features: Things You Should Know About

When it comes to JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS is the first name that immediately pops up. The reason being is its credibility for developing browser-based web applications. Not just this, but it is the best medium for creating Single Page Applications or SPAs. This open-source framework is a boon for developing a dynamic website because of its array of features.
Therefore, with this blog, we are going to explore some of the best Angular features, which form the backbone of its favoritism.

Top 12 Angular Features You Must Know

1. Cross-platform

It is imperative to have this factor first on the Angular features list because Angular plays a prominent role in developing Progressive Web Applications (PWA). With PWA by your side, audiences can enjoy an app-like experience using contemporary web capabilities. Most importantly, with this feature, you can deploy a local or a progressive app.

2. Efficient MVC architecture

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture is among the leading Angular 8 features. MVC enhances the worth of the framework for client-side application development and takes care of other features like data binding and scopes. As compared to other frameworks, MVC blends in all the necessary elements of the application to waive off extra coding.

3. Sectional structure

The best part about the Angular framework is it helps in organizing code into different modules as and when you build them. Due to this feature, there is a division of overall functionality into reusable code. Furthermore, this helps in the division of tasks among the Angular developers and permits web applications to accomplish lazy loading.

4. The eminence of Angular CLI

Angular’s Command Line Interface (CLI) is a boon for web development. CLI helps in automating certain processes with simple commands. You may add or remove defined functionalities with a combination of these simple commands. In addition, it enables running units’ tests and end-to-end tests swiftly. All these AngularJS features enhance the code quality considerably.

5. Data binding

With data binding by your side, a user can easily manipulate web page elements through a web browser. It utilizes dynamic HTML and waives off intricate scripting or programming. Data binding plays a vital role when coming up with web pages equipped with interactive components, like games, tutorials, etc. Also, when a web page has way too much data, it enables a better display.

Besides, a model is a place where you make edits in the application. Those changes are reflected in UI elements. When the model changes, the developer supposedly has to make manual edits in the DOM elements, and then the attributes start reflecting. It is a cumbersome task, but Angular eliminates it with two-way data-binding. This process helps in synchronizing the DOM and the model, and vice versa.

6. Set of Directives

AngularJS expands the functionality of HTML with a set of inbuilt attributes, also known as directives. The imperative functionality of these directives is to boost the competence of HTML. With this, it becomes immensely appropriate for dynamic client-side applications. The best part is these directives can be self-initiated using AngularJS.

7. Prominence of TypeScript

TypeScript is the superscript of JavaScript. The main advantage of using TypeScript is you can detect and correct errors in the code while writing. It also supports AngularJS security features like primitive and interface. Interestingly, Angular is written using TypeScript and boasts all these features.

8. Declarative UI

One of the AngularJS key features is declarative UI. In Angular, you can skip using JavaScript to outline the UI of your web application and instead use HTML as it is less complicated than JavaScript. HTML is a blessing for Angular applications as it imports declarative and intuitive properties of the UI components. With properties like these, you don’t have to initiate manual program flows. Instead, you can simply describe the page layout and the path of the data. Further, Angular declarative UI takes care of the components as per the layout. With this, ample time and effort are saved in front-end development.

9. Extensive documentation and support

Google supports Angular because of the stability of the framework. Most importantly, Google has enriched the Angular community with documentation and tools to build functionalities and resolve issues. Due to these reasons, a developer is never helpless in the Angular community. The answers are readily available either in the documents or in the online forums.

10. The prowess of Ivy Renderer

A renderer helps in translating a code written in TypeScript and HTML into standard JavaScript instructions. With this, it helps the browser to interpret. Renderer makes your components and templates understandable for the browser to display them aptly. Furthermore, with its tree shaking technique, Ivy Renderer removes unused code, making the web application smaller and boosting its loading speed. All in all, this feature reduces the size of the Angular framework and makes the bundle a bit smaller.

11. Test-friendliness

JavaScript is an interpreted language, which makes it imperative for developers to test the code capability. But while using AngularJS, developers are unhindered by this requirement. The framework has features like Dependency Injection (DI) that supports testing. DI simplifies the entire process where the testers must insert the test data in the controller and parallelly check the output. It’s that simple!

12. Timely upgradations

If you don’t upgrade your framework from time to time, you may lag in this race of the digital world. New settings pour in, and if they are absent, your application will be tagged as outdated. To eliminate this problem, Angular improves its Component Development Kit (CDK) on a timely basis. It not only enhances but also takes care of the angular version upgrades.

These were some of the AngularJS features. However, if you wish to avail in-depth knowledge of these Angular features, don’t forget to enroll in the best Angular classes in Pune.

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