Python Django Projects Ideas You Must Try in 2023

Django is a free, open-source framework written in Python and can develop simple websites to complex enterprise-level applications. Due to this, you will find many interesting Python Django project ideas to try out in 2023.

However, having the right project to work on can make the learning process much easier and more enjoyable. Therefore, if you are in a limbo state, we have compiled a list of project ideas for you to decide which project to take up next.

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Best 15 Python Django Projects Ideas in 2023

Let’s dive into the list of some of the best project ideas.


1. Email Sender

Email automation sends emails to multiple recipients at once, with each email personalised to the individual recipient. With Django, you can create an automated email sender that will save you time and effort.


2. Blogging Platform

Nowadays, every individual has a blog. So, take advantage of this opportunity and come up with a blogging platform. Anyways, Django makes it easier and faster to create a blogging platform because of its flexibility and scalability.

So, create a web application that allows users to create and manage their blogs. Users can create accounts, write blog posts, upload images, and customise the appearance of their blogs.


3. E-commerce Store

E-commerce stores are an increasingly popular way to buy and sell goods online. But setting up a successful e-commerce store requires more than just having a great selection of products.

A well-designed interface is essential for providing customers an enjoyable and efficient shopping experience. By using Django, you can easily create an attractive and user-friendly e-commerce store that meets customers’ needs.

Besides, Django supports many languages and devices, too, thus helping you to try out more functionality in a go.


4. Video Calling App

With the rise of social media, people are increasingly turning to video calling apps for communication. The advent of technology has made it easy for developers to create powerful web applications that offer video-calling capabilities.

You can develop your web app using Django and add features like voice/video chat, file sharing, and screen sharing.


5. To-Do App

You could already know it or have experience with to-do list apps. In a to-do app, you can create daily or weekly task lists. You can edit your to-do list and mark an item as “completed” as you finish it.

You only need to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Django to construct a to-do application. It is a simple Django project idea for beginners.


6. Django Map and Navigator App

Do you navigate using Google Maps? Using Django, you can construct your customised interactive version of Google Maps. A plain map will merely display the user’s location. But, using a few animations, you may make the map more engaging and interactive.

This project idea is also a wonderful example of an advanced Django project because it combines data implementation with animation in a beautiful way.


7. Weather App

An exciting project you can demonstrate with Django is to create a weather app that displays local weather conditions. It can also monitor the weather state of specific locations.

To calculate the statistics, you can use open-source weather APIs to get real-time data and display it on the website. You should be familiar with web scraping and REST APIs.


8. Password Security App

Even though this is a simple Django project idea, it plays a vital function with the increasing use of the internet and many sites that require password login.

You can create a website that keeps your passwords for many accounts on many sites. To Keep your passwords safe on this page, you’ll need an encryption algorithm to encode them.


9. News Aggregation Application

It’s possible to make an application for news gathering with Django. This web software displays a selection of news from multiple sources using web spiders and web pages. To construct this tool, you must combine data from several websites.


10. Log in/Sign up System

Login systems are essential for commercial Web and mobile companies. This would be a great project for newcomers. You can create a login system using Django and learn how it works!


11. Quiz Application

Learning should always be enjoyable and inspiring. Quiz Applications help teachers and students discover the joy of learning. You will use Django to create a quiz app.

It will have timed questions, history, a score section, and so forth. You can configure the app so that users get a chance to personalise it. They can add their favourite topics and question series and choose the opponent player!


12. Dictionary Application

Creating a Dictionary can be an amazing Django project idea. You can search for different APIs from the internet and develop a dictionary with one or more specific languages.

The user would enter a word, and your app will show its meaning, antonyms and synonyms, pronunciations, and translation.


13. Content Management System

Whenever the word Content Management System pops in, the first word that comes to everyone’s head is WordPress. Therefore, you can find inspiration from this platform and develop one of your own using Django.

With this, you will know how CMS works and its functionalities. Besides, this is a bit advanced project, so try hands-on other small projects and then go for this.


14. Photo display/sharing app

Pinterest has made it possible to share and view photos. On similar lines, you can also come up with the same project using Django. You can add functionalities of sharing, liking and following the accounts for the users.


15. Calorie counting app

If you are a fitness freak, this app could be a cakewalk. A calorie-counting app helps check your calories – how much you burn, etc.

Using Django, you can create an app allowing users to enter what they consumed daily and how many calories they added to.

If you wish to go a step forward, you can add functionalities that help calculate how many calories they burn after workout sessions.



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