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We are aware of the challenges of getting a job.

We are aware of the challenges of getting a job. So, Cyber Success offers 100% placement assistance wherein we guide students with resume preparation and interview questions to survive in this cut- throat competition.

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Through 2020 and beyond, several organizations are all set to launch new computer systems and web-based applications to acquire a competitive advantage in the progressively digital world. Thus, with time, the demand for expert User Interface (UI) Developers will flourish in the domains of web, software, and mobile application advancement.

UI Development course has a promising future as you will enjoy the best-paid job within the current market. But what is UI all about? Let’s dive into UI development training in Pune with Cyber Success, which offers you the platform to learn the whole process of creating a UI Web application through user-centered design.

Who Should Attend

  • UX Designers and Graphic Designers.
  • Aspirants who know HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery.
  • Back-end Developers
  • Fresher / Engineering Graduates
  • Software Developers who are keen on Deploying Applications on AWS.

Cyber Success Edge

Live Classroom

Cyber Success pledges for the overall development of the students. The instructors undertake seamless communication with the students to cater to every doubt. Group discussions are knowledge sharing.

Mentored By Industry

The industry leader who conducts classes flaunts vast knowledge and expertise in the Software industry. Every query of the student is contemplated for absolute clarity of the subject matter.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum of Software Testing classes at Cyber Success is curated by industry experts. The team is well-aware of the industry trends and has included a syllabus that complements the competitive market.

Advance From the Basics

Cyber Success believes in a step-by-step learning process which is why we start with the basics first. Once your basic knowledge is strong enough, then we move ahead .

100% Placement

We are aware of the challenges of getting a job. So, Cyber Success offers 100% placement assistance wherein we guide students with resume preparation and interview questions to survive in this cut- throat

Practical Learning

Cyber Success acknowledges that practical knowledge is imperative to succeed in the relentless market. That’s why we include live projects with which the students get a hang of the corporate.

Why UI Development training in Pune?

Would you, as a user, stay for long hours on a single website or begin searching for different alternatives? User experience interface is the most significant element as everybody needs to encounter the best technology without investing too much of their time and draining their busy brains. That is why, when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of a digital product, a company must ensure that the customers have a great user experience. The content, design, and functionality are three crucial areas of the website and mobile applications.

So, UI Development is a web technology that designs and develops the user interface of web pages, their applications, and functionality to facilitate a seamless user experience. In UI Development, you majorly work on programming, Psychology, and creative design to craft intuitive controls for software and hardware. Do you think it is difficult? Don’t worry, because Cyber Success ensures to cater to all queries of UI coaching.


Syllabus UI-Development

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to HTML Structure & Page.
    • Character effects w.r.t physical/logical
  • HTML Forms for User Input
    • Usage of forms in web pages
    • Types HTML elements
    • Text field / Text area
    • Check box, Radio buttons, Select Boxes, Password & Drop-down menus
  • Hyper Links
    • Understanding & Implementing hyperlinks in web pages.
    • Adding hyperlinks to list items and table contents.
  • Tables
    • HTML table or Web Tables
    • Customize table format like cell spanning, cell spacing, border.
  • List
    • Bulleted List
    • Numbered List
  • Image Handling
    • Images in web pages
    • Add & implement images with proper attributes
    • Images in the form of Hyperlinks
  • Frames
    • Frames in web pages.
    • Implementing frames.
  • New Form Elements
    • New HTML elements such as date, number, range, email, search and Data list
    • HTML 5 – Page Layout, Browser Support, Enhanced Form Elements.
    • Audio And Video
    • HTML5 Canvas
  • HTML5 – Client-Side Storage
    • Introduction to HTML5 Client-Side Storage.
    • Types of Client-Side Storage

  • Introduction & Benefits
    • CSS Syntax
    • External Style Sheet using
    • Multiple Style Sheets
    • Value Lengths and Percentages
  • CSS Syntax
    • Single & Multiple Style Sheets
    • Value Lengths and Percentages
    • CSS Selectors
    • Color Background
    • Background-image, repeat, position
    • CSS Cursor
  • CSS Text Fonts
    • color, background-color
    • text – decoration / align / vertical-align / indent / transform
    • white-space / letter-spacing / word-spacing / line-height
    • font-family / font-size / font-style
    • font-variant / font-weight
  • CSS Box Model
    • Borders & Outline
    • Margin & Padding
    • Height and width
    • CSS Dimensions
  • CSS Display Co-ordinates & Location
    • CSS Visibility / Display / Scrollbars
    • CSS Positioning
      • Static, Fixed, Relative & Absolute Positioning
    •  CSS Layers with Z-Index
  • Colors
    • Background / Multiple Background
    • Colors
      • RGB and RGBA / Alpha factor / Opacity & Transparency
    • Using currentColor
    • Working with gradients.
  • CSS List Tables
    • list-style-type / list-style-position
    • list-style-image / list-style
    • CSS Tables
    • border / width & height / Text-align / vertical-align / padding / color
  • Boxes & Border Effects
    • Appearance / Image Borders
    • Box Shadow
    • Rounded Corners / Resizing
    • Outline Offsets
  • Color, Gradients, Background Images, and Masks
    • Opacity
    • New Color Names / Non image Gradients
    • Multiple Background Images / Image Masks
    • Background-size, Background-origin, Background-clip
  • CSS Floats
    • The float / clear Property
    • The clearfix Hack
  • Columns, Flex Box
    • Column-count, Column-gap, Column-rule
    • Multiple Column Layouts / Alignment
    • Gaps between Columns
    • Box-orient, Box-pack, Box-align, Box-flex, etc.
    • Display: box / Grouping and Changing Orientation
  • Media Queries
    • Targeting Device Capabilities: Width, Screen Size, Color Depth, etc.
    • Building Responsive Sites: Implications for Mobile
  • Vendor Prefix
    • Current status of -moz, -o, etc.
    • When and Why to Use
  • Implementing CSS 3
    • Modernizr
    • HTML5 Shims / jQuery
    • LESS, SASS, and Other CSS Preprocessors
    • CSS Grid Systems / Frameworks
  • Transitions, Animations &Transforms
    • translate(), rotate(), etc.
    • 3D: rotateX(), rotateY() /
    • changing, for example, the width of a div on hover (without JS)
    • animations: @keyframes, animation

  • Introduction
    • What is Bootstrap Framework
    • Why Bootstrap
    • Advantages of Bootstrap Framework
    • What is Responsive web page
    • How to remove Responsiveness
    • Features of Bootstrap
    • Mobile-First Strategy
    • Environment Set up
    • Implementing Bootstrap in Applications
  • Bootstrap Grid
    • Bootstrap Grid and implementation of Bootstrap Grid
    • What is Container & Offset Column
    • Reordering Columns
    • Advantages of Bootstrap Grid
    • Display responsive Images & change class properties
    • Customize Bootstrap’s components & jQuery plug-in.
    • Bootstrap Typography & its use
    • Bootstrap Tables, Form Layout & Bootstrap Button
    • Muted and Warning Text Messages
    • Carets Classes / Hide or show the text in Bootstrap
    • Bootstrap Components / Plugins

  • Introduction
    • Front-End HTML, CSS and JavaScript!
    • Understand JS Editors, Where to place your JS Code? Using CodePen
    • Webkit’s Web Inspector / Analyzing & Tracking down errors
    • JS versions (EcmaScript5 and EcmaScript6)
    • Browser Support / Javascript Output Methods
    • JavaScript Variables / Comments / Console /
    • Data Types in JavaScript / Operators
    • Conditions & Loops
    • Date Objects
    • Arrays and Array Methods
    • String and String Methods
    • “use strict” Directive
    • Objects Functions
    • Prototypes, objects
  • BOM (Browser Object Model)
    • Document / Navigator Object
    • Location / Screen Object
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
    • Browser environment, specs
    • DOM tree / DOM Methods
    • Searching: getElement*, querySelector*
    • Node properties: type, tag and contents
    • Attributes and properties / Styles and classes
    • Element / Window size and scrolling
    • Modifying the document / Coordinates
  • Ajax Development
    • Creating the XMLHttp
    • Request Object
    • Managing Ajax Requests
    • JSON Introduction
    • JSON, API & AJax
    • JSON Parse / Stringify / Object
    • HTTP Methods – REST API
    • XMLHttpRequest Object
    • XHR Methods / Properties
  • Modules
    • Introduction to Modules,
    • Dynamic imports
    • Export and Import
  • Advance working with functions
    • Recursion and stack / Rest parameters
    • Closure / spread operator
      • The old “var”
      • Global objects and their usages
      • The “new Function” syntax
      • Scheduling: setTimeout and setInterval
      • Decorators and forwarding, call/apply
      • Binding of Function
  • ES6 Features
    • Let, Var and Const Keywords
    • Arrow Functions, Default function arguments
    • Template Strings
    • Object Destruction
    • Array Manipulation Functions
    • Array.from(), Array.of(), Array.find(), Array.findIndex(), Array.some(), Array.every()
    • Promises
      • Promises, async/await
      • Introduction: callbacks
      • Promise & Promises chaining
      • Error handling with promises
      • Promise API / Promisification
      • Symbols / Code quality with ESLint
      • Classes, Inheritance
      • Generators / Proxies
      • Async, await flow control
      • Map, Set Operators
      • ES6 Tooling / Babel, npm, webpack overview
  • TypeScript
    • JavaScript & Typescript
    • Type System / Primitive types & type inference
    • Object type & type inference
    • Function type & type inference
    • Enums, Tuples / Nullable types
    • Union types, intersection types
    • Never and void types
    • OOPS in typescript
    • Classes, Class properties, Static Properties
    • Constructors, getters & setters / Namespaces and Modules
    • Inheritance, Abstract classes, Interfaces
    • Access modifiers
    • Namespaces and multiple files / Loading modules
    • Generics / Generic functions, classes
    • Generic types and arrays
    • Constraints / Decorators / Class Decorators
    • Decorator Factories
    • Method Decorators / Property Decorators / Parameter Decorators
    • Typescript essentials
    • tsc and tsconfig file / debugging typescript

Frequently Asked Questions

UX Design is all about User Experience Design, whereas UI Design is User Interface Design.

The current average salary for UI Developers is pretty good in the market, and our dedicated placement cell ensures that students from Cyber Success secure high-paid jobs!

We would say it is the best time to get into UI Development as the demand across the planet is increasing daily!

Yes, we provide personalized placement assistance to all students. We even assist them by conducting mock interviews, helping them design resumes, and scheduling interviews.

Yes, we provide discounts for groups. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Yes, indeed. We want our students to have confidence before enrolling in the UI course in Pune.

For more guidance about the registration process, please contact us.

Yes, we have different payment modes like Netbanking, bank transfer, UPI, or Cash. For more details, visit our center or get in touch via call or email!

Cyber Success has cutting-edge technology that allows students and faculty to interact in a fun way, get academically involved, and stimulate the atmosphere.

The instructors of Cyber Success boast rich experience of UI and dive deep into topics to educate students about the market trends.

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