Interesting Facts About Java Programming Language

Java is one of the popular and favorite programming languages for developers. It is because of its symmetric performance and compatibility with all the operating systems. This programming language is simple, secure, robust, and, most importantly, offers higher stability. If you are looking forward to exploring your career as a software engineer, you can enroll in Java training institute in Pune.

The high-level programming language by Sun Microsystems makes the journey of developers easy and smooth. At present, Java is the primary choice for millions of developers. Over 95% of enterprises use Java as their primary language of development.


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Top Facts about Java Programming Language, You Should Know

Before you start learning the language or start with Java Classes in Pune, you shall be aware of the top facts about the Java Programming language.


Fact 1: Java Is The Second Most Popular Programming Language: 

When we talk about the developer’s choice, C still takes the first position as the most popular language. However, after C developers prefer to use Java. The common reason for the same is it helps in the development of high-end applications with smooth and satisfactory performance. Apart from that, you can run and install Java on any platform. It is globally adapted for customizing applications.


Fact 2: Oak Was The Source of Origin For Java:

Oak was a platform-independent language for designing VCRs, video game consoles and for building communication between technical appliances. Gradually the founder started to see the scope on a broader level and initiated with proceedings on the browser. Oak was now a web runner with a new name in Java. The official Java Programming Language came into existence in the year 1992.


Fact 3: Java; an Ideal Programming Language With Unique Features:

There are over 9 million Java developers across the world. The unique features of this ideal programming language include:


  • Neutral architecture
  • Multiple threads
  • Robust and portable
  • Dynamic and distributed
  • Simple and secure
  • Object-oriented
  • Platform-independence
  • High performance, and
  • Most importantly, it’s safe.

The popularity of the language is due to its flexibility. If you think of embedded mobile applications, designing gaming consoles, cross-platform development, or building web solutions, everything is possible with Java.


Fact 4: Java is a Case-Sensitive Language: 

The value of identifiers, that is, class, methods, and variables, changes depending on the upper case or the lower case. It has a set way of writing class names, method names, and file names. The first letter of the class name should be in upper case; the method name shall be entirely in lower case, and the program name or filename should not match the class name. It is simple yet complex. A small change in the case can change the attribute completely.


Fact 5: You Shall Learn The Core, Before Advanced Java

When you opt for Java Courses in Pune, you shall be careful to select the right course. You cannot master the programming language without the understanding of the core java. Some of the core Java concepts include:


  • Features of object-oriented programming
  • How Java is a platform-independent language?
  • Understanding of Java Collection Framework
  • Competitions in the coding
  • Knowledge of Java Virtual Machines
  • Knowing about data types and Java Lang that includes strings, math, and system In core Java classes.

You can learn about the theory and concepts; later, you can put it into implementation in advanced learning. Start with simple coding and then proceed for object-oriented programming.


The best Java Courses in Pune exercises all theses facts

Java is a programming language that is high in demand. It is because of its features, implementations, and results. Above all, the compatibility with both the mobile and web solutions makes it unique. So, opt for Java Courses in Pune and set a new mark in the field of development.